Brassic Series 2 Episode 1


Brassic Series 2

Episode 1
‘The Circus’


7 May 2020

10 – 11pm

Sky One


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In the first episode, Vinnie has been hiding out in his weed shed since faking his own death to escape from local gangster Terrance McCann. Tommo and Erin need his help and try to lure him out of hiding with a new business proposition and together with the lads they plot to rob a travelling circus. With the help of a disgruntled clown, Mr Popov played by John Thomson, the gang aim to make this theft a ‘roaring’ success…



Cast & Credits

Vinnie – Joe Gilgun

Erin – Michelle Keegan

Dylan – Damien Molony

Cardi – Tom Hanson

Ash – Aaron Heffernan

Tommo – Ryan Sampson

JJ – Parth Thakerar

Sugar – Joanna Higson

Mr Popov – John Thomson

Jim – Steve Evets

Dr Chris Coxley – Dominic West

Terence Mccann – Ramon Tikaram

Tyler – Jude Riordan

Carol – Bronagh Gallagher

Sara – Claude Scott-Mitchell

Edith – Susan Hilton

Vinnie’s Dad – Tim Dantay


Co-creators: Joe Gilgun, Danny Brocklehurst

Writer: Danny Brocklehurst, Joe Gilgun, Alex Ganley

Director: Daniel O’Hara

Exec Producers: David Livingstone (Calamity Films), Jon Mountague (Sky), Joe Gilgun, Danny Brocklehurst

Series Producer: Juliet Charlesworth

Production Company: Calamity Films

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