Brassic Series 2 Episode 2


Brassic Series 2

Episode 2
‘A Nice Day Out’

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14 May 2020

10 – 11pm

Sky One


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Having struck a new deal with McCann in exchange for his freedom, Vinnie is tasked with collecting a guy called Tony Tillerton. It seems like a simple task but Vin, Ash, JJ and Dylan are hit by catastrophe when a high-speed car chase goes wrong and they find themselves having to lie to McCann. Meanwhile, Cardi, Carol, Tommo, Erin & Tyler and Carol’s Gran Alma go on a booze cruise to stock up the Rat & Cutter for a launch party, but their trip goes badly wrong when they get stranded in France with a big dilemma on their hands…



Cast & Credits

Vinnie – Joe Gilgun

Erin – Michelle Keegan

Dylan – Damien Molony

Cardi – Tom Hanson

Ash – Aaron Heffernan

Tommo – Ryan Sampson

JJ – Parth Thakerar

Jim – Steve Evets

Dr Chris Coxley – Dominic West

Terence Mccann – Ramon Tikaram

Tony Tillerton – Bill Paterson

Tyler – Jude Riordan

Carol – Bronagh Gallagher

Gary – Tadhg Murphy

Sugar – Joanna Higson


Co-creators: Joe Gilgun, Danny Brocklehurst

Writer: Danny Brocklehurst, Joe Gilgun, Alex Ganley

Director: Daniel O’Hara

Exec Producers: David Livingstone (Calamity Films), Jon Mountague (Sky), Joe Gilgun, Danny Brocklehurst

Series Producer: Juliet Charlesworth

Production Company: Calamity Films

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