Damien Molony Live Q & A | BBC Being Human Blog


Live Q & A with Damien Molony ! BBC Being Human Blog ! 18 March 2012


Damien’s responses to fan questions in a live Q & A on the official Being Human blog, hosted by Rebecca Denton


Out of the 8 episodes which was the hardest scene emotionally to film?

When Leo died, it was really really sad. It was a really really sad moment. But weirdly it wasn’t that difficult to film – he was lying in the bed and we were standing around him, but it was terribly sad. But when Hal was sitting on the stairs with Pearl and he was transforming that was probably the most difficult emotional scene to film. Imagining what was happening to him. There is also a great one coming…..


Hello @tree_hugger
1. Hal is very OCD/OCPD. Are you like that in anyway?
2. How hard is it to do an English accent? You manage very well.

1. Im not AS OCD as Hal. I have specific routines in the morning. Coffee and breakfast in a quiet room. But that’s it. I’m actually quite messy.
2. I had so many English friends when I was growing up, and I always used to take the micky out of them. Every job I’ve ever had has had an English accent so it’s come pretty easy for me.


The gay Dad’s scene was so funny, just amazing. Was it good to film?

It was hilarious, we knew it would be a funny scene to do. I came into the trailer and saw the outfit, the tank top and tight jeans and knew this would be crazy!


What is the blood actually made off.

4 parts beetroot juice and 4 parts tomato juice. It’s lovely the first glass, then it makes me sick… great scenes with Andrew.


How long did it take to perfect the accent and are there any other accents you can do?

In the play Travelling light – I do a Jewish Brooklyn accent, and an English accent. That accent I have to do every day until June. I also like doing Australian accents.


Are you surprised at how well the fans have taken to you, because Mitchell was so popular?

I feel very privileged to be honest. It was a big leap of faith for everyone to take. Cast, crew and all the fans. When I got the job I was like – ‘Oh no, don’t replace Mitchell with another Irish Vampire!’ But the characters are so different. We’re just so excited that everyone has taken to it and really enjoys it. Hopefully we’ll get to go again!


You were great in Travelling Light. Do you have any special techniques for so immersing yourself in a character?

That is so kind of you. I can’t believe how many have come to see the show and say hello at the stage door! I always feel so pleased to say hello.

To get into a character I always find the characters soundtrack. I listen to Music. When I started Being Human, Phil John, the director, gave me 2 CDs and said ‘this is Hal’s music’. And I listened to it, and that’s how I got into it.

Nb: *Damien is now playing Rebecca the music, and yes, it’s weird*


What is your favourite part about the character of Hal?

My favourite part is playing the 2 sides of his character through the series. The nervous shivering wreck of a legend, having to fend off temptation and stay straight. Then the opposite of that like in ep 7, e3 and I could just let lose with feeding and blood and the full on vampness. The constant fighting is awesome.


Do you enjoy working with the fangs? Is it quite easy to talk with them in, or did you have to wear them for a while first to get used to them?

I LOVE IT. As soon as I got to put them in, when I saw the fangs in a case in the make up bag one morning I was like HERE. WE. GO! As soon as they are in, I’m the biggest badass.


My question is do you like acting on stage or on camera more?

When you’re doing theatre you want to be doing film and vice versa. I enjoy both separately and for different reasons.


Hal likes blood, but do you?

I am so squeamish. I cut my finger last week and ran around crying like a little girl. I thought about hospital. It was touch and go there for a while.


How much of Hal’s life and past do you know? Have you been given a synopsis of the character and the main events in his life or do you learn stuff as and when the scripts are written? And if that’s the case, how do you build such an old and rich character with the barest of information?

I got a rough idea, but I did a huge amount of research about Russia and Eastern Europe to know what was going on, how plagues were passed, that kind of history. Where he might have been and when. You try to fill in the blanks when you can, and you work with the writers to develop the character.


What is your favourite girl’s name?


How many babies play eve?

There are 4 normal babies. 2 sets of twins. One of the babies is twice the size of the others!


Who would you rather be stuck on a desert island with Annie, Tom or Cutler?

Definitely Tom. Because we’d have a ball.


What would you prefer to be: a ghost, vampire or werewolf? And why?

Vampire definitely. You get really good clothes, and fangs. I love my fangs.


Which type of genre do you enjoy the most as an actor?

That’s a really tough question. I’ll have to wait until I’ve done a few more to answer I think…


1. favourite colour?
2. can you relate to Hal and the way he acts ? like is there some damien in hal and some hal in damien?
3. do you love your fans? (i love you ^_^ )

1. I’m a big navy blue fan. I’m so happy Hal is too. Navy blue is awesome.
2. Absolutely! Yeah. There’s me and he in both.
3. I adore the fans. I’m so thankful for all of their support and wishes. I’m really blown away by the generosity. Thank you.


I would love to know what is on the cards for you next? Also how are you finding the new found fame?

I would love to do another series of being human… so hopefully that is what I will do next! And I do really adore the fans.


Michael said in an interview that he calls you ‘DayMo’; do you have any nicknames for other cast members?

I call Kate Brack-Attack, and everyone called Michael – Socha.


What do you think of Tom and Hals friendship? How dependent on each
other do you really think they are?

Myself and Michael get on so well together, from day one we hit it on! We met on the audition day and just got on so well. It was great exploring the roles in the first couple of episodes because we get on so well but the first couple of episodes our characters hated each other and we would just laugh when the cameras stopped rolling.


1.Which aspects of Hal’s character would you like to explore further?
2.What was more fun to play: OCD Hal or smooth, evil Lord Harry?

1. Getting my teeth stuck into someones neck, haven’t been able to do that yet. Would love to do a flashback and stink my teeth into some maidens neck.

2. Always so much more fun with the ‘Lord Harry’ Hal, but it is always fun with the OCD Hal, it was something challenging and great to explore. I’m not OCD myself so it was great to really get into that role and find out about it and really try and get it right.


1. If you could meet a famous (dead) person from the past who would that be and why?
2. Wo und wie lange hast du Deutsch gelernt? (Where and how long did you study German)?

1. I would love to meet a really, really old relative, to find out where ‘Damien’
came from, what happened and what the history is there. It would be so

2. I studied german in Bonn for three months.


What has been the best moment for you/your character so
far this series?

I really enjoyed the scene when we were pushing the car, it was sunny day and about 20 seconds after we finished filming the heavens opened and we where rushed into cars to protect our costumes, it was just a great moment, really funny


When did you know you wanted to go into acting? How’s the support from
your family friends and loved ones?

I knew from about 3 yrs old, we got a set of curtains with a cord that you could pull and the curtains would opened, it reminded me of a theatre and it was all from that moment really. I wouldn’t be here today without the support from my family and friends, my family have been right behind me and they have been great.


1) What is your favourite quote from the series so far? (I asked this to Michael Socha and he said “I had a shield! A red one!” which is one of my favourites too)
2) What did you think of your mustache in episode 3?

1. When Hal walks into the pawn shop and owner says ‘Jesus christ!’ and Hal says ‘Not quite’. I just loved it!

2. I really liked it, I even thought of growing one myself!


Do you have any tips for performing onstage?

Listen! If there is anything I’ve learned about acting, it is all about listening. Listening to the people around you and who is on stage and what they are saying. It took me a long time to learn this!


Who is your biggest influence?

For myself I would say an Irish actress called Marie Mullen and when it came to preparing for Being Human it was the book A Million Little Pieces


Was it weird jumping into a show which already had so much back story and a loyal fan base (you’re doing a great job by the way)

It was very exciting but it also made me incredibly nervous because of the really high standard set by the existing cast because they were just so amazing. I was nervous about how the fans would react but it was really great to get such an amazing and welcoming reaction from them. I think it has really helped the transition for the new storyline.


What kind of scenes do you get most nervous about filming, if any?

I was nervous during the press up scenes. I suppose I get nervous before most scenes but I really look forward to the scenes with all out blood and vampire gore. They can be so much fun.


If you were a type of drink, what would you be (not blood)?

It would have to be a big pint of Guinness


Bye Guys!

Thank you so much to everyone who has supported the show in general.. but also has supported me and Hal.

It’s been really exciting watching people grow to love hal and his manorisms and weirdness. I’m blown away by everyone’s generosity and kindness.

I love you guys and the blog and fingers crossed we can do this all again.

x Damien