GameFace Series 1 Episode 3: ‘Onion’


GameFace Series 1

Episode 3: ‘Onion’

Thursday 19 October 2017
9.30 – 10 pm

Official Synopsis

Marcella’s wayward brother, Billy, is coming out of rehab and it isn’t long before their sibling squabbles start up again. Her life-coach is on hand to help her work through their differences using some new, questionable methods. Meanwhile, Marcella finally has an audition for an acting role but there’s a hitch, she needs to cry in it and no matter what she tries the tears won’t come.

Cast & Credits

Marcella – Roisin Conaty

Jon – Damien Molony

Simon – Dustin Demri-Burns

Billy – Dylan Edwards

Caroline – Caroline Ginty

Lucy – Nina Toussaint-White

Linda – Llewellyn Gideon

Mum – Pauline McLynn

Tania – Tiffany Stevenson

Therapist – Karl Theobald

Writer: Roisin Conaty

Director: Andrew Chaplin

Exec Producers: Ben Farrell, Roisin Conaty

Producer: Charlotte Lewis

Production Company: Objective Fiction