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Damien appears as the character Jon in GameFace, a comedy sitcom written by and starring Roisin Conaty (Marcella).
The show is made by Objective Fiction and directed by Andrew Chaplin.

Series 1 comprised 6 x 30 min episodes and premiered on E4 12 October 2017 and
in the USA via Hulu, New Zealand via TVNZ and Australia via ABC Comedy.
The series is still available to watch in the UK on All4 and Amazon.

Series 2 airs 17 July – 14 August 2019 on Channel 4 in the UK and later in the year on Hulu in the US.
It again comprises 6 x 30 min episodes.

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Episode Guide

Series 1

Episode 1 12 October 2017
Episode 2 12 October 2017
Episode 3 19 October 2017
Episode 4 26 October 2017
Episode 5 2 November 2017
Episode 6 9 November 2017

Series 2

Episode 1 17 July 2019
Episode 2 24 July 2019
Episode 3 31 July 2019
Episode 4 7 August 2019
Episode 5 14 August 2019
Episode 6 14 August 2019

Jon Character Bio

Jon is a calm, patient, pragmatic driving instructor who despite her constant lateness and terrible driving enjoys Marcella’s company and finds her entirely intriguing. On the surface Jon might seem straight-laced, serious and awkward but he is also kind, warm, quirky and funny and throughout the series he and Marcella become closer.

Series 1 Synopsis

This six-part comedy series follows Marcella as she spiritedly crashes her way through life, assisted by her dubious life-coach, best friends and ever-patient driving instructor. Bouncing back from a seismic break-up, clinging on to her dreams of becoming an actress, and – when she remembers her lessons – finally learning to drive, Marcella is on a mission to change her future for the better. Starring Roisin Conaty as Marcella and packed with wry and idiosyncratic observations, GameFace is a witty, tender and resonant comedy about navigating your thirties when you’re under-prepared – but somehow always staying afloat.

Series 2 Synopsis

Roisin Conaty’s award winning GameFace returns for a second series. Conaty stars as Marcella, an aspiring actress with a chaotic life and big dreams. We find Marcella on the brink of yet another driving test and with her acting career at a new, humiliating, low. As her friends and family move on with their lives and relationships, she can’t ignore the sinking feeling she’s being left behind… but with characteristic chutzpah she’s determined to turn her luck around. Confronting her drinking habits, chartering new territory with Jon, facing the biggest audition of her life, surviving a stalker and an angry bull, and chancing upon someone with the power to dramatically change her life… Series 2 takes us on a tumultuous ride as Marcella braves the ups and downs of love and success. With big laughs and a sprinkling of heartache, GameFace is a witty, tender and resonant comedy about navigating modern life when you’re under-prepared – but somehow always staying afloat.

Cast & Credits

Marcella – Roisin Conaty

Jon – Damien Molony

Caroline – Caroline Ginty

Lucy – Nina Toussaint-White

Therapist – Karl Theobald

Billy – Dylan Edwards

Simon – Dustin Demri-Burns

Tania – Tiff Stevenson

Mum – Pauline McLynn

Dad – Francis Magee

Linda – Llewella Gideon

Roisin Conaty

Andrew Chaplin

Charlotte Lewis, Izzy Mant

Production Company
Objective Fiction

Series 1 Trailer #1

Series 1 Trailer #2

Clip (Series 1 Episode 3)

Clip (Series 1 Episode 6)

Series 2 Trailer

Episode 1 Clip

Episode 3 Clip

Watch Online

UK: All 4 | Amazon (HD)

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