(Being Human)


Damien played over 500 year old vampire Hal in BBC Supernatural drama Being Human from 2012 – 2013
appearing in every episode of series 4 and series 5.


Being Human series 5Hal, Damien Molony, Being Human, photo credit (c) BBC /Touchpaper


Official Character Synopsis


Hal has been a vampire for over 500 years and the temptation for blood and carnage still rules his every waking thought. He came to live with fellow supernaturals Annie and Tom after his best friends crossed over to the afterlife. Though his standoffish nature and OCD tendencies didn’t initially warm him to Tom, their affection for each other grew until they became confirmed buddies. Hal’s addiction to blood proved too strong and he was – tangentially – responsible for Alex’s death, marooning her in the afterlife as a ghost. At the end of Series 4 Tom and Alex strapped Hal to a chair in order to go through cold turkey… but will it prove wise to release him?


Hal’s Prequel

Being Human Series 4 – Hal’s Teaser Trailer




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