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Damien recording 'Me and the Devil', BBC Radio 4. © Heather Larmour

Damien recording ‘Me and the Devil’, BBC Radio 4. © Heather Larmour



2018 HOME FRONT, 27 June 1918 – Emily Colville, BBC Radio 4, 27 June, Hardy Walsh, written by Lucy Catherine, directed by Ciaran Bermingham

2018 HOME FRONT, 20 June 1918 – Hardy Walsh, BBC Radio 4, 20 June, Hardy Walsh, written by Lucy Catherine, directed by Jessica Dromgoole

2018 JUDAS , 26 – 30 March – Judas, by Lucy Gannon, BBC Radio 4, directed by Allegra McIlroy

2018 THE EFFECT, 28 January – Tristran Frey, Play by Lucy Prebble, BBC Radio 3 production, directed by Abigail le Fleming

2018 TIS PITY SHE’S A WHORE, 7 January – Giovanni, Play by John Ford, BBC Radio 3 production, directed by Pauline Harris

2017 BOTTLE MAN, 26 February – short story by Nicole Flattery, BBC Radio 4, produced by Michael Shannon

2016 POETRY PLEASE ‘Miscellany’, 29 May – The Ancient World by Mark Doty

2016 POETRY PLEASE ‘Time, Memory and Remembrance’, 24 April – The Self Unseeing by Thomas Hardy, A Memory by Robert Brooke, Burnt Norton by T.S Eliot, Beyond The Last Lamp by Thomas Hardy, The Wayfarer by Padraic Pearse, Extract From The Spring In Ireland 1916 by James Stephens, Easter 1916 by W.B. Yeats

2015 POETRY PLEASE ‘Pot Luck’, 25 October – En route by Thomas Blackburn, On the Beach at Fontana by James Joyce

2015 POETRY PLEASE ‘June Miscellany’, 21 June – The Sunlight on the Garden by Louis MacNeice, Bright Star by John Keats, Lullaby by W.H Auden, To Althea from Prison by Richard Lovelace, True Love by Wislawa Szymborska, Well Water by Edmond Jabes, The Bluebird by Charles Bukowski, Aunt Julia by Norman MacCaig

2015 POETRY PLEASE ‘Bloomsday’, 14 June – A Flower Given To My Daughter by James Joyce, Alone by Jame Joyce, Dublin by Louis MacNeice, The Night Ride by Kenneth Slessor, Silent Noon by Dante Gabriel Rossetti, The Bookmark by Graham Swift, The Goat Paths by James Stephens, Gas From A Burner by James Joyce, BBC Radio 4, Sally Heaven

2015 ME AND THE DEVIL 27 March – short story by Eimear McBride, BBC Radio 4, Heather Larmour

2015 POETRY PLEASE ‘Bubble and Squeak’, 15 February – Sailing to Byzantium by W.B. Yeats BBC Radio 4, Sally Heaven

2014 POETRY PLEASE Yeats special, 31 August – He Wishes For The Cloths Of Heaven, The Host of the Air, Easter 1916, An Irish Airman Forsees His Death, The Wild Swans at Coole, Extract from Under Ben Bulben by W.B. Yeats, BBC Radio 4, Sally Heaven

2013 THE COMMITMENTS, 15 December – James Clifford/Niall, Radio Play, BBC Radio 4, Jim Sheridan, Gemma McMullan

2013 THE HILL BACHELORS, 3 June – Paulie, Radio Play, BBC Radio 4, Gemma McMullan

2013 STUDENT STORIES, 4 January – Brendan, Short Story, BBC Radio 4, Heather Larmour






2014 RAVEN, audiobook, all characters, Fantom Films

Audio & Radio news

14 June 2018: ‘HOME FRONT’: Damien Molony to appear in BBC Radio 4 WW1 Serial Drama

21 March 2018: ‘JUDAS’: Damien Molony Stars in BBC Radio 4 Easter Drama

2 January 2018: Damien Molony Stars in ‘Tis Pity She’s A Whore’ & ‘The Effect’ Drama on 3 Radio Productions

18 February 2107: Damien Molony to read darkly comedic tale ‘Bottle Man’ on BBC Radio 4 – tune in this Sunday!

5 May 2016: POETRY PLEASE! Damien Molony reads 7 poems of ‘Time, Memory and Remembrance’ – LISTEN NOW!

29 June 2015: Stanzas of Sunlight and Love: Damien Molony reads for Poetry Please June Miscellany

5 June 2015: Poetry Please: Damien Molony returns to BBC Radio 4 for Bloomsday special

26 March 2015: ‘Me and the Devil’: Damien Molony reads tale of dark secrets on BBC Radio 4

14 February 2015: MORE Poetry Please! Damien Molony returns to read Yeats on BBC Radio 4

24 December 2014: Damien Molony audio book RAVEN released on 5CDs and download – exclusive audio preview

15 October 2014: Damien Molony narrates new audio book ‘RAVEN’ for Fantom Films

2 September 2014: Damien Molony reads ‘He Wishes For The Cloths Of Heaven by W.B. Yeats – audio clip

30 August 2014: Damien Molony back on the airwaves in BBC Radio 4 ‘Poetry Please’ WB Yeats Special

4 August 2014: Poetry Please! Damien Molony to read Yeats on BBC Radio 4

11 December 2013: Exclusive Video: Damien Molony recording ‘The Commitments’ – airing Sunday 15 December on BBC Radio 4

25 September 2013: Damien Molony joins cast for radio version of ‘The Commitments’

31 May 2013: Damien Molony to make his BBC Radio 4 return Monday 3 June

9 January 2013: Lead Role for Damien Molony in upcoming BBC Radio 4 Drama ‘The Hill Bachelors’ | 3 June 2013

5 January 2013: Damien Molony makes his debut as Mr Radio 4!

4 December 2012: New Radio Roles For Damien? – ‘Student Stories’ and ‘Hill Bachelors’ BBC Radio 4