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Damien Molony as DC Flight. BBC/Tiger Aspect

Damien Molony as DC Flight. BBC/Tiger Aspect


Ripper Street ‘Our Betrayal’ – Series 2 – Episode 7
Independent Arts Blog – Neela Debnath | 10 December

“both Joseph Mawle and Damien Molony gave standout performances as Shine and Flight respectively, one as the utterly evil villain and the other as the naive boy. They play their roles to a tee and make for a powerful combination.”

A review of Damien Molony in Ripper Street 2 Ep 4 ‘Dynamite and a Woman’
Damien Molony Forum | 25 November

“Damien gives a powerfully naunced and refined performance to great effect, drawing us in so that we find ourselves investing in the brief moments of brightness for him – the jewel of a love story shining in the grime of the Whitechapel streets.”

Damien Molony and Charlie Murphy Light up the screen in Ripper Street
Metro uk – Keith Watson | 19 November 2013

“the chemistry between Molony’s Flight, posing as a drifter called Bertrand, and Charlie Murphy as barmaid Evelyn Foley – who Flight was under instruction to work his charms on – lit up the screen. Though they were only given brief moments to work with, there was tangible emotion at play as lies blurred with truth and fate had its way with the pair of them.”

A Review of Damien Molony in Ripper Street 2 Episode 2 ‘Am I Not Monstrous?’
Damien Molony Forum | 9 November 2013

“Flight reveals himself to be an ambitious and self assured young man, with a swagger bordering on pomposity – all conveyed dialogue free by Molony with the same compelling nuance of facial expression that he brought to Hal in Being Human and the very effective use of a cigarette as prop.”


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