Ripper Street Series 2 Episode 2 – ‘Am I Not Monstrous?’


Am I Not Monstrous?

Ripper Street Series 2 Episode 2

4 November 2013 BBC One UK
1 March 2014 BBC America



Official Synopsis

Only hours after she gave birth in its maternity ward, a nameless and seemingly vagrant young woman is found murdered in a stairwell at Whitechapel’s The London Hospital.

The only suggestion of her identity, however, is the strange protrusion at the base of her spine – a vestigial tail. It is a clue which is to take Reid and the team into the shadowy netherworld of the circus freakshows and thence back to The London Hospital to seek help and understanding from its most celebrated resident, Joseph Merrick, aka The Elephant Man.

Merrick certainly has insight to offer but his growing trust and faith in Reid leads him to reveal even more devastating information – information that leads Reid back into the menacing world of his Limehouse colleague Jedediah Shine.

Elsewhere – Chief Inspector Abberline arrives with reinforcements for H-Division in the form of Detective Constable Albert Flight, a young Irishman of great ambition. The death of PC Hobbs still an all too sharp grief for him, Reid fears for the callow youth’s fate on these meanest of streets.



Detective Inspector Edmund Reid – Matthew Macfadyen
Detective Sergeant Bennet Drake – Jerome Flynn
Captain Homer Jackson – Adam Rothenberg
Long Susan – MyAnna Buring
Chief Inspector Fred Abberline – Clive Russell
Detective Inspector Jedediah Shine – Joseph Mawle
Fred Best – David Dawson
Sgt Donald Atherton – David Wilmot
Bella Drake – Gillian Saker
Joseph Merrick – Joseph Drake
Dr Karl Crabbe – Anton Lesser
Detective Constable Albert Flight – Damien Molony
Silas Duggan – Frank Harper
Dr William Corcoran – Nicholas Woodeson
John Goode – Tom Brooke
Stella – Elva Trill
Frederick Treves – Paul Ready
Charity – Alicia Gerrard
Lady Pettigrew – Imogen Bain
Barton – Gary Egan
Miranda – Joe Cleere
Night refuge man – Glenn Speers
Surgeon – Jonathan Delaney Tynan
Watchman – Guy Carleton
Museum porter – David O’Meara
Urchin – Kian Kavanagh

Director – Tom Shankland
Producer – Stephen Smallwood
Writer – Richard Warlow




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