Ripper Street Series 2 Episode 3 – ‘Become Man’


Become Man

Ripper Street Series 2 Episode 3

Ripper Street Episode 3
11 November 2013 BBC One UK
8 March 2014 BBC America


Official Synopsis

A prominent member of the newly formed London County Council is skillfully abducted from his table at Whitechapel’s Blewett’s Theatre of Varieties, the music hall where Rose Erskine now works as a waitress.

Their investigation brings the recently married Drake back into contact with Rose, the girl who broke his heart. And it also introduces Reid to Councilor Jane Cobden, the first woman ever appointed to the LCC – because it appears the kidnappers are a female gang, and radical supporters of Cobden’s aims.

When a lawyer is similarly abducted from his pleasures in one of the Leman Street bedrooms, Long Susan finds herself faced with the gang’s charismatic leader and soon taken by force herself to the gang’s hideout.

As Jackson works furiously to discover their whereabouts, so Susan finds herself growing sympathetic to her captors’ lives and aims – an affection which leads her, for the first time, to question the worth of the working life she has established in Whitechapel.



Det. Insp Edmund Reid – Matthew Macfadyen
Det Sgt Bennet Drake – Jerome Flynn
Capt Homer Jackson – Adam Rothenberg
Long Susan – MyAnna Buring
Rose Erskine – Charlene McKenna
Fred Best – David Dawson
Sgt Donald Artherton – David Wilmot
Bella Drake – Gillian Saker
Silas Duggan – Frank Harper
Det Con Albert Flight – Damien Molony
Raine – Neve McIntosh
Jane Cobden – Leanne Best
Walter De Souza – Robert O’Mahoney
Charity – Alicia Gerrard
Ida – Amber Rowan
Mags – Alexis Forbes
Blewett – Michael Grennell
Urwin – Gary Murphy
ElyDavid – Murray
Pembury – Arthur Riordan
Singer – Karen Egan
Jack The Ripper – Ciaran O’Brien
Ettie – Hannah Mamalis
Watchman – Sheila Moylette

Producer – Stephen Smallwood
Director – Christopher Menaul
Writer – Marnie Dickens



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