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SUSPECTS Review: Jack Is Back with Sass and Sensitivity in Series 4 premiere
DMF | 26 November 2016

“we are again reminded that this formula works because of the quality of the (scripted) story and (unscripted) improv and performances.”

Suspects, TV review: Utterly compelling and completely self-contained
The Independent | 25 November 2015

“Without the gloss of the usual cop show, it was incredibly realistic and all the more harrowing for it..Without the distractions of detectives’ personal lives that have become so common in most police shows, this was utterly compelling and completely self-contained.”

TV review: Suspects Series 4, Channel 5
The List | 23 November 2015

“Suspects feels refreshingly different to every other cop show on TV.. The best original programme Channel 5 has ever produced.”



© Channel 5

© Channel 5

Suspects Series 3 – the fans have spoken!
Suspects TV Show | 23 January 2015

“Suspects Series 3 has just ended after 4 amazing episodes on Channel 5, receiving critical acclaim for its unique fly-on-the-wall format, gripping storylines and top notch performances (from the three leads and a star-studded guest cast, who all improvised their own lines).”

This Week in TV: The Voice UK, Stars in their Eyes, Suspects, Cyberbully and Cockroaches
TV Bites – | 18 January 2015

“The raw style of Suspects makes it markedly different from any other crime drama currently populating our TV screens…the case presented by the writing team was a lot more compelling. Director Craig Pickles presented a sense of urgency…both Molony and Ashitey have grown in their respective roles and share better chemistry than they did in previous series. Meanwhile, the always reliable Fay Ripley strikes a commanding presence as the pair’s boss DI Martha Bellamy.”

Suspects review
The Guardian | Sam Wollaston | 14 January 2015

“a compelling plot and strong, credible performances from Clare-Hope Ashitey and Damien Molony as the smokers, and Fay Ripley as their detective inspector. Improvisation doesn’t always work – it’s a proper skill, probably harder to pull off convincingly than regurgitating a script convincingly – but here it does. They speak like actual people, even actual police officers maybe. Budget-schmudget, I’m involved.”

Suspects – a back to basics cop story
South Wales Evening Post – K Griffiths | 13 January 2015

“what it lacks in special effects and moody lighting it makes up for with its cast, especially as their involvement includes improvising great chunks of the scenes. Watch out every time you see DI Martha Bellamy (Fay Ripley) and her team in an interview room, the dialogue that follows is believable and even more compelling as a result.”

Suspects Crime Drama – scriptless and scary
The Daily Mail – Christopher Stevens | 13 January 2015

“This is low-budget, bare-bones drama, but more than watchable. If you enjoy Silent Witness and other police procedurals, give this a try.”



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© Channel 5

Suspects Series 2 Review: Jack Weston reports from the naughty corner
Damien Molony Forum | 4 September 2014

“watching his wild Weston ways, and enjoying the scope it allows the actor who brings them to life, is our big guilty pleasure. Plus, being drawn a little deeper in to Jack’s world with an extra focus on (and complexity in) his character adds even greater power to an already absorbing, edgy, dynamic show.”

The Great British Bake Off, Suspects, Stammer School and more: TV review – video
The Guardian – Andrew Collins | 2 September 2014

“genre busting” ” resourcefully shot” “fearless principles…the dialogue is theirs to freefall, it’s quite a skill”

REWIND: What Keith Watson watched last night
The Metro UK – Keith Watson | 21 August 2014

“excellent Damien Molony”, “pacey whodunnit”, “you really should watch it”

Suspects, Channel 5, review: ‘unnervingly true to life’
The Telegraph – Jake Wallis Simons | 20 August 2014

“Suspects was sassy, gritty and cynical – a brick in the wall for 21st century, reality-TV-inspired verisimilitude.”



(c) Channel 5

(c) Channel 5

Channel 5’s Suspects is Top of the Cop Shows: Episode 3 review
Damien Molony Forum | 1 March 2014

“His interviewing style is the most compelling to watch as Damien brings a level of performance that seems to make the air crackle, even in the dialogue free moments.”

TV Review: Suspects
The Bath Chronicle | 27 February 2014

“The whole cast were on fire but if pushed to pick a favourite I’d nominate Damien Molony as [DS] Weston”

Cracking the case and the Sass Factor: Suspects episode 2 review
Damien Molony Forum | 20 February 2014

“All three leads deliver strong performances, giving us a clearer sense of who their characters are. But Damien brings a level of vivacity and undeniable coolness to Jack Weston, a young Detective Sergeant who really knows he knows his stuff, making his performance the most irresistible to watch.”

CHRISTOPER STEVENS REVIEWS LAST NIGHT’S TV: I don’t believe it – Channel 5 has made a decent cop show!
The Daily Mail – Christopher Stevens | 19 February 2014

“new high-tension police show Suspects makes such powerful, original viewing.”

Suspects Series 1 Episode 1 Review
Damien Molony Forum | 14 February 2014

“In terms of character intrigue, Jack Weston is the current frontrunner and Damien steals the show, not only for a performance with standout moments of expressive nuance..but also for his simmering, just contained intensity.”

Channel Five’s new drama Suspects already has me hooked
Metro UK – Keith Watson | 13 February 2014

“With fine support from Damien Molony and Clare-Hope Ashitey as the officers on the front line, Suspects combined the spontaneous feel of a fly-on-the-waller with the dramatic momentum of a bona fide thriller. A highly promising start.”

Suspects is a home-grown drama of note
Telegraph – Serena Davies | 13 February 2014

“Rarely does Channel 5 put on a home-grown drama of note – and Celebrity Big Brother doesn’t qualify – but this was effective, smart TV.”


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