Suspects Series 1 Episode 3


Suspects Series 1

Episode 3 ‘Hard Target’

(c) Channel 5

(c) Channel 5


Wednesday 26 February 2014
10 – 11 pm
46 minutes



Official Synopsis

The action opens with a news report of a woman who has been attacked by the West Willow canal. There have been two other rapes within a mile and a half radius. As with the previous assaults, the victim was grabbed from behind and strangled before being raped
by the masked assailant, who wore gloves and a balaclava.

Serial rapist George Callahan is pulled in for questioning. He has recently been released from prison and is MO is the same; however he claims to have been watching football at home. The CCTV on his house, installed since his release, appears to corroborate his alibi.
So does his girlfriend, Annette. The pair leave Jack’s antennae buzzing.

DC Charlie Steele’s revelation that the latest rape victim’s name is Diane Ackerman gives the case another twist. Her husband is the station’s chief superintendent. A routine background check reveals that the police were recently called to the Ackermans’ address
over a domestic. Diane also has a bruise on her throat that predates the rape.

Charlie discovers that Diane had been drinking heavily on her own in a bar that night, and that the Ackermans are now living apart.
She has also had all the locks in the house changed. When his alibi is blown, suspicion falls on Ackerman himself.

With a high-ranking police superintendent among their suspects, Bellamy, Weston and Steele must tread very carefully indeed.

Channel 5



Damien Molony – DS Jack Weston

Fay Ripley – DI Martha Bellamy

Clare-Hope Ashitey – DC Charlie Steele

George Callaghan – Peter McNeil O’Connor

Diane Ackerman – Susan Vidler

Howard Ackerman – Gregor Truter

Andrew Bourne – Mason Phillips

Annette Walker – Annabelle Apsion


Director: Craig Pickles

Writer: Jake Riddell

Series Producer: Kara Manley

Executive Producer: Paul Marquess


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