Suspects Series 2 Episode 1


Suspects Series 2

Episode 1
‘Nobody Else (Part One)’
© Channel 5

© Channel 5


Wednesday 20 August 2014
10 – 11 pm


Official Synopsis

In part one of this week’s fast-paced series opener, Martha’s neighbour, barrister Jonathan Moxton, is found at home with serious head injuries, his wrists bound with a belt and a pair of knickers stuffed in his mouth. Jack guesses that he was involved in a sex game which went badly wrong.
Suspicion falls on Saul Hammond, who found Moxton, when Moxton’s wife Tanya reveals that he has been diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia. As a result, he is accompanied by an appropriate adult – fellow hostel resident Sadie Burns – when he is interviewed at the station. After he admits that he argued with Moxton and that he is off his medication, the team search his room and find potentially incriminating evidence. However, Saul denies assaulting Moxton and insists that he saw someone flee the scene.
Saul is the prime suspect, but as the team dig deeper into the case they uncover more unsavoury facts about the Moxtons. A recovered voicemail suggests that Jonathan was being blackmailed by violent burglar Mick Shaw, and then a shocking connection between Shaw and Tanya paints her in a bad light.
Moxton’s computer also throws up connections between Jonathan and a 19-year-old gay man. Nate
Turner claims not to know Jonathan, but his DNA is all over Moxton’s house…



DS Jack Weston – Damien Molony

DI Martha Bellamy – Fay Ripley

DC Charlie Steele – Clare-Hope Ashitey

Saul Hammond – Dominic Power

Tania Moxton – Charlie Brooks

Sadie Burns – Katie Jarvis

Nate Turner – Luke Newberry

Carol Collins – Claire Cooper

Derek Collins – David de Keyser


Writer: Kathrine Smith

Director: Craig Pickles

Series Producer: Kara Manley

Executive Producer: Paul Marquess