Suspects Series 3 Episode 3


Suspects Series 3

Episode 3

‘Safe from Harm’

© Channel 5

© Channel 5


Tuesday 20 January 2015
10 – 11 pm


Official Synopsis

When 19-year-old Asif Khan is left fighting for his life after a petrol bomb is thrown through the window of his family home, his father Jamal is quick to point the finger at Gregor Forrester, who owns the plot of land next to the Khans. Jamal has been on the receiving end of threats and intimidation ever since he turned down Forresterʼs insultingly low offer to buy his house.

Forrester and his nasty tactics are well known to Martha and Jack, but they have never managed to make any prosecution against him stick. Jack, in particular, has a grudge against the property developer, as his right-hand man is disgraced ex-cop David Eboda, Jackʼs former mentor in the force.

Martha orders Jack to go by the book – she has no intention of losing Forrester by any rash act of his, and when Charlie learns why Jack is so keen to get a result, she also warns him to be careful. As a result the case is making no headway until Jack uncovers some CCTV that blows both Forrester and Ebodaʼs alibi out of the water, and Charlie receives some forensic evidence that adds a whole new dimension to the case…
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DS Jack Weston – Damien Molony

DC Charlie Steele – Clare-Hope Ashitey

DI Martha Bellamy – Fay Ripley

Jamal Khan – Bijan Daneshmand

Gregor Forrester – Ray Fearon

David Eboda – Chinna Wodu

Leo Eboda – Ntonga Mwanza

Esther Forrester – Renee Castle

Zac Forrester – McKell David


Director: John Hardwick

Writers: Claire Fryer

Series Producer: Kara Manley

Executive Producer: Paul Marquess


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