Suspects Series 4 Episode 1


Suspects Series 4

Episode 1
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© Channel 5


Wednesday 25 November 2015
10 – 11 pm



When a soldier fails to turn up to his motherʼs funeral, the team launch a missing persons investigation. Martha and Jack are called to a rooftop protest to talk an emotional Ken Baxter (Rupert Proctor, ʻCriminal Justiceʼ, ʻComplicitʼ) out of doing something drastic. Ken is worried about his son Pete, an army Lance Corporal who has been missing for a week. Ken buried his wife two days ago and is convinced that Pete would not have missed the funeral unless something was very wrong.

Charlie learns from the army that Pete is suffering from PTSD following a harrowing incident on his last tour of duty. Fears for the soldierʼs safety increase when the police receive an anonymous message claiming that “the missing soldier is dead”. Has Pete taken his own life?

Jack talks to Caitlin Neames (Polly Eachus) and Eddie Mulville (James Harkness), two of Peteʼs army pals who were out with him on the night before he disappeared. They confirm that Pete was in an odd mood that night, but they do not know where he went afterwards or where he is now. Or so they say…

Charlie tracks down Sophie West (Cassie Bradley), the third pal out with Pete that night and a former girlfriend of his. She is just about to question her when Sophie becomes the target of a deliberate hit-and-run…
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Damien Molony – DS Jack Weston

Clare-Hope Ashitey – DC Charlie Steele

Fay Ripley – DI Martha Bellamy

Christian Brassington – News Reader

Cassie Bradley – Sophie West

Benjamin Davies – Pete Baxter

Polly Eachus – Caitlin Neames

James Harkness – Eddie Mulville

Tom Padley – Ricky West

Rupert Procter – Ken Baxter


Director: John Hardwick

Writer: Kathrine Smith

Series Producer: Kara Manley

Executive Producer: Paul Marquess


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