Suspects Series 4 Episode 3


Suspects Series 4

Episode 3


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© Channel 5


Wednesday 9 December 2015
10 – 11 pm



After linking the shooting of a popular clergyman to another recent drive-by shooting, the East London detectives begin to suspect that the reverendʼs son may know more about these incidents than he admits.

The investigation begins with the shooting in broad daylight of the Reverend Daniel Matthews (Dominic Coleman, ʻTrolliedʼ) outside the boxing club he runs for disaffected youths. There is no CCTV inside or outside the club, but witnesses report seeing a girl talking to the reverend shortly before the shooting. The girl is identified as Kelly Pearce, girlfriend of the reverendʼs son Aaron (William Jeffs, ʻAs the Bell Ringsʼ).

The detectives find Aaron at the hospital, waiting for news of his dad, but no sign of Kelly. A visit to the Pearce family flat fails to turn up Kelly or a gun, but Jack discovers that her mum Alma (Ivana Basic, ʻCasualtyʼ) relies heavily on prescription drugs, while her 12-year-old brother Sammyʼs (Raif Clarke, ʻBelieveʼ) extremely edgy behaviour indicates that he has something to hide.

Suspicion falls on Aaron as the team uncover a link between him and Joseph Brookes (Youssef Berouain), the prime suspect in the recent drive-by shooting of Victoria Summers. The reverend was in the area at the time of that shooting but denied having any information to help the police investigation. Was Aaron involved in either incident?

Events take an unexpected twist when Kelly Pearce walks into the police station and accuses the reverend of raping her brother Sammy during a boxing club outing. With the reverend refusing to cooperate with the police, and Aaron and Kelly contradicting each otherʼs stories, the detectives must pick their way through the lies to get to the truth…
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Damien Molony – DS Jack Weston

Clare-Hope Ashitey – DC Charlie Steele

Fay Ripley – DI Martha Bellamy

Dominic Coleman – Rev Daniel Matthews

Will Jeffs – Aaron Matthews

Desara Bosnja – Kelly Pearce

Ivana Basic – Alma Pearce

Raif Clarke – Sammy Pearce

Youssef Berouain – Joseph Brookes

Christian Brassington – Newsreader


Director: Craig Pickles

Writer: Jake Riddell

Series Producer: Kara Manley

Executive Producer: Paul Marquess


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