Suspects Series 5 Episode 5



Suspects Series 5

Episode 5
‘The Enemy Within (Part 5)’

© Channel 5

© Channel 5


Wednesday 31 August 2016
10 – 11 pm



Jack finds a link to Martha’s murder and Gary makes a shocking discovery after an eight-year-old cold case is reopened.

An anonymous tip-off leads the team to the body of Sarah Kramer, a young woman who went missing eight years ago. Drummond appoints Alisha as acting DI to lead the case.

Jack breaks the news to Sarah’s father Joseph. The old man was a suspect in the original case, but Jack finds it hard to believe that he had anything to do with his daughter’s disappearance. However, he finds him a rich source of new information, including the fact that Martha had recently attended his wife’s funeral and had promised to find Sarah.

After some digging back at the station, Jack and Charlie Steele discover that Martha was reinvestigating Sarah’s case at the time of her own murder—are the two cases linked? Then Ed Goddard, the senior investigating officer at the time of Sarah’s disappearance, shows up at the station. The former detective is a renowned alcoholic and Drummond warns Gary not to listen to a word he says. Gary follows his instincts—and what Ed tells him shocks Gary and Jack to the core…


Cast & Creators

Damien Molony – DS Jack Weston

Clare-Hope Ashitey – DC Charlie Steele

James Murray – DCI Daniel Drummond

Lenora Crichlow – DS Alisha Brooks

Perry Fitzpatrick – TDC Gary Roscoe

Neil Stuke – Mo Jones

Paul Copley – Joseph Kramer

Martin Brown – Ed Goddard Philip


Director: Steve Hughes

Writer: Emma Goodwin

Series Producer: Kara Manley

Exec Producer: Paul Marquess