The Split Series 2 Episode 2


The Split Series 2

Episode 2

18 February 2020

9 – 10 pm


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Hannah feels increasingly stressed by the double life she is leading with Christie as Nathan’s suspicions are raised.
Hannah’s absence at home starts to affect the children, who need their parents’ attentions more than ever.
At work, Hannah deals with a divorce petition for the wife of a romantic novelist, and begins to equip Fi Hansen for her separation from husband Richie, negotiating a complex case within the midst of a media storm.
Meanwhile, Rose deals with the devastation of her miscarriage, Nina comes to terms with her surprise pregnancy, and Ruth reconnects with someone from her past.
Tyler continues to scrutinise staff practices at NDH questioning Hannah’s client choices. At a staff drinks night for engaged Tyler and Zander, a drunken Nina fires back with comments on Tyler’s past. The next day at work Tyler challenges Nina on her constant lateness, suggesting he will advise Zander to “rationalise” if “the books don’t balance” in terms of “productivity and passion” and asks her if she has joined the AA, but has he pushed Nina too far?

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Cast & Crew Credits

Hannah – Nicola Walker

Nathan – Stephen Mangan

Ruth – Deborah Findlay

Nina – Annabel Scholey

Rose – Fiona Button

Christie – Barry Atsma

Fi Hansen – Donna Air

James – Rudi Dharmalingam

Zander – Chukwudi Iwuji

Tyler – Damien Molony

Maggie – Ellora Torchia

Misty Brodeur – Frances Barber

Prof Ronnie – Ian McElhinney

Richie Hansen – Ben Bailey Smith

Liv Stern – Elizabeth Roberts

Chloe – Amaka Okafor

Tilly Stern – Mollie Cowen

Vinnie Stern – Toby Oliver

Ali – Harriet Webb

Amy – Shalisha James-Davis

Mr Latham – Daniel Monks

Tabby – Laura Aikman

Becs – Nicola Hughes

Rachel Deb Sher

Dexter Hansen – Moses Walcott

Malcolm – Yao Chin

Warm-up guy – Colin Manford

Security guard – Gareth Kieran Jones

Writer: Abi Morgan

Director: Paula Van Der Oest

Producer: Natasha Romaniuk

Exec Producers: Abi Morgan, Jane Featherstone, Lucy Dyke

Prod Company: Sister Pictures


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