GameFace Series 1 Episode 2: ‘Wild’


GameFace Series 1

Episode 2: ‘Wild’

Thursday 12 October 2017
9.30 – 10 pm

Official Synopsis

Marcella’s ex-boyfriend, Simon, re-enters her life with some startling news and further surprises arrive in the shape of his new wife, Tania . In an attempt to clear her head, Marcella sets out on a gung-ho camping trip, which sees her battling unsuccessfully with the great outdoors and ends up bringing her closer to her driving instructor, Jon. In the therapy room she reflects on some of the worst decisions she’s made while inebriated.

Cast & Credits

Marcella – Roisin Conaty

Jon – Damien Molony

Caroline – Caroline Ginty

Lucy – Nina Toussaint-White

Therapist – Karl Theobald

Simon – Dustin Demri-Burns

Tania – Tiffany Stevenson

Writer: Roisin Conaty

Director: Andrew Chaplin

Exec Producers: Ben Farrell, Roisin Conaty

Producer: Charlotte Lewis

Production Company: Objective Fiction