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Damien Molony Official Info

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Acting Agency

Curtis Brown (UK)


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Voiceover Agency

The Joneses

Twitter and Instagram

Damien has his own official and verified pages on Twitter and Instagram.
Please note, these are Damien’s only official pages on social media and the web.


Damien does not have a public Facebook page, nor does he have any official or endorsed pages on Facebook. Please be wary of anyone claiming to be him on any social media apart from his Twitter and Instagram pages, as given above.

Fansite and Forum

We have been proudly supporting and reporting on Damien’s acting career since 2012 and are the No.1 and only resource for Damien Molony on the web. and are made and run by a fan for fans, are entirely unofficial and not endorsed by Damien or his agent. However, the forum is known to Damien, who has expressed public appreciation for the work we do. Damien has also collaborated with DMF five times to fundraise for important charities. Read more about our charity fundraisers here.

We are happy to support any promote any event or work that Damien may be involved in on our website. Contact us on to discuss how we can help. For all official enquiries please contact his agency.

Contacting Damien

To make any and official enquiries or contact Damien directly, please contact his agency.

We know many fans like to write to Damien to let him know their appreciation for his work, or request signed photographs. All fanmail correspondence should be addressed to:

Damien Molony

c/o Curtis Brown Group Ltd

Haymarket House

28 – 29 Haymarket



We suggest you include a self-addressed envelope with the correct postage affixed for autograph requests and if outside the UK, enclose international reply coupons.
Please note: We are unable to pass on fan comments, requests or messages and have no way of guaranteeing responses.

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