Suspects Series 5 Episode 1


Suspects Series 5

Episode 1
‘The Enemy Within (Part 1)’

© Channel 5

© Channel 5


Wednesday 3 August 2016
10 – 11 pm



Jack receives a phone call that makes his blood run cold. Detective Inspector Martha Bellamy has been shot dead in her bed. DCI Daniel Drummond heads the investigation, bringing in Roscoe and Brooks from Major Crimes to help. Drummond warns Charlie not to overstep the mark in their quest to find the killer, but the volatile Jack has no such qualms. Can Charlie keep him under control?
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Cast & Creators

Damien Molony – DS Jack Weston

Clare-Hope Ashitey – DC Charlie Steele

James Murray – DCI Daniel Drummond

Lenora Crichlow – DS Alisha Brooks

Perry Fitzpatrick – TDC Gary Roscoe

Alexa Davies – Daisy Bellamy

Neil Stuke – Morris `Mo’ Jones

Sam Stockman – Stanley `Stan’ Turner

Karen Hassan – Rose Harris

Adam Deacon – Ajam Kamar


Director: Fiona Walton

Writer: Steve Bailie

Series Producer: Kara Manley

Exec Producer: Paul Marquess


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