Suspects Series 5 Episode 2


Suspects Series 5

Episode 2
‘The Enemy Within (Part 2)’

© Channel 5

© Channel 5


Wednesday 10 August 2016
10 – 11 pm



When a murder victim is found to be connected to the Bellamy blackmail case, Jack goes out on a limb. The new victim is a young woman named Jasmine, who is found washed up on the riverbank. Charlie is sure that she was connected to the blackmailing of Martha’s husband, so Jack focuses on Stan Turner, the prime suspect for Martha’s death. Stan is not talking, but his girlfriend Rose seems a bit more helpful, although she is too terrified to testify. In search of connections, Jack and Charlie want to reopen the Martha Bellamy case, but DCI Drummond vetoes it. Frustrated, Jack pushes Rose too far.


Cast & Creators

Damien Molony – DS Jack Weston

Clare-Hope Ashitey – DC Charlie Steele

James Murray – DCI Daniel Drummond

Lenora Crichlow – DS Alisha Brooks

Perry Fitzpatrick – TDC Gary Roscoe

Karen Hassan – Rose Harris

Sam Stockman – Stan Turner

Alicia Woodhouse – Jasmine


Director: – Craig Pickles

Writer: – Jake Riddell

Series Producer: Kara Manley

Exec Producer: Paul Marquess