Suspects Series 5 Episode 3


Suspects Series 5

‘The Enemy Within’
Episode 3

© Channel 5

© Channel 5


Wednesday 17 August 2016
10 – 11 pm



When a girl is raped on her way home, Jack tries to conceal his connection to the key witness in the case, Lucy. The 16-year-old has been living with him since he discovered that she is probably his daughter, and Charlie reluctantly agrees to keep his secret. However, it soon becomes clear that both girls are lying about that evening, and when more evidence emerges, Charlie cannot stay silent for much longer.


Cast & Creators

Damien Molony – DS Jack Weston

Clare-Hope Ashitey – DC Charlie Steele

James Murray – DCI Daniel Drummond

Lenora Crichlow – DS Alisha Brooks

Perry Fitzpatrick – TDC Gary Roscoe

Lucy Carless – Lucy Harris

Jasmine Jobson – Kia

Mark Monero – Archie Hopkins

Alfie Stewart – Nico

Jackson Bews – CJ


Director: Craig Pickles

Writer: Hilary Frankland

Series Producer: Kara Manley

Exec Producer: Paul Marquess