Suspects Series 3 Episode 2


Suspects Series 3

Episode 2
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Wednesday 14 January 2015
10 – 11 pm


Official Synopsis

The second investigation concerns a young woman fished out of the Thames in the middle of the night, badly burned and barely alive. The only witnesses at the scene are a few homeless people, who saw a man with a white van dumping her in the river. Hopes of finding the driver are dashed, however, when CCTV reveals that the number plate was deliberately obscured.
Charlie runs the victimʼs distinctive necklace through the database and links it to Sian Jenkins, who was registered as missing in 2012. Footage of Sianʼs father Neil at the time shows an angry man who had argued with his daughter on the night she vanished.
Jenkins claims to have given up drink and found God, but his claims of charitable acts to the homeless take on a more sinister aspect after Sianʼs mother Grace reveals that she has received messages from her daughter via Lewis, one of Sianʼs friends.
A shocking development occurs when DNA taken from under Sianʼs fingernails is matched to Josephine Wilson, an eight year- old who disappeared nine years ago. But what is Josieʼs connection to Sian and where have the girls been all this time?
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DS Jack Weston – Damien Molony

DC Charlie Steele – Clare-Hope Ashitey

DI Martha Bellamy – Fay Ripley

Sian Jenkins – Emily Thomson

Neil Jenkins – Stuart Bowman

Grace Jenkins – Elizabeth Rider

Josephine Wilson – Sophia Capassio

Mike Wilson – Jonathan Coy

Lewis – Simon Manyonda


Director: John Hardwick

Writers: Claire Fryer & Tom Lazenby

Series Producer: Kara Manley

Executive Producer: Paul Marquess


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