Suspects Series 3 Episode 4


Suspects Series 3

Episode 4
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© Channel 5


Wednesday 21 January 2015
10 – 11 pm


Official Synopsis

The episode opens with a teenage girl found naked and with serious head wounds on a patch of waste ground. From her description, Charlie thinks that she must be 16-year-old Mandy Granger, who was reported missing earlier that evening. Charlie has already interviewed her parents, so Martha asks her to accompany them to intensive care to identify the victim.
Andrew Granger cannot even bring himself to look at the girl. Charlie wonders whether this is due to guilt rather than fear. Martha runs a check and finds that he has a conviction for violence, and that his wife Natalie has spent time in a womenʼs refuge. However, Natalie says that the girl is not Mandy, and it seems unlikely that Andrew would attack the other girl.
Fortunately, the team manage to establish that the injured girlʼs real name is Julie, but that she also uses the name Jez. She is transgender, which makes it possible that they are dealing with a hate crime. When the team discover that it was Mandy who made the 999 call which alerted them to Julieʼs plight, it appears that the two cases are connected after all. If they can find out what happened to Julie that night, perhaps they can also find Mandy…
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DS Jack Weston – Damien Molony

DC Charlie Steele – Clare-Hope Ashitey

DI Martha Bellamy – Fay Ripley

Andrew Granger – Christopher Coghill

Natalie Granger – Lucy Gaskell

Oliver Hemingway – Jody Latham

Emily Perkins – Daisy Head


Director: John Hardwick

Writers: Claire Fryer

Series Producer: Kara Manley

Executive Producer: Paul Marquess


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