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The Devil You Know

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The Devil You Know Info

Damien has been cast alongside Eddie Izzard in new HBO drama pilot The Devil You Know as the character Robert Putman.
The pilot completed filming in Boston, USA March 2015.




Provocative period drama that explores the circumstances around one of the most compelling chapters in American history where intolerance and repression set neighbor against neighbor and led a town to mass hysteria.

The story explores a compelling period of American history and is set in 17th Century New England. The drama centres on the historical and religious context and effects of the Salem Witch Trials on Salem village, focussing on the Putnam family, with Izzard playing the conservative Father Thomas and Damien playing his eldest son, Robert Putnam.


Robert Putnam – Damien Molony

Thomas Putnam – Eddie Izzard

Ann Putnam Jr. – Nadia Alexander

Ann Putnam – Ever Carradine

Mercy Lewis – Ismenia Mendes

Minister Samuel Parris – Julian Rhind Tutt

Henry Payne – Matthew James Thomas

Dr Griggs – Nigel Lindsay

Israel Porter – Ewan Bremner

Jane Porter – karen Gillan

Bridget Bishop – Kate Nash

Reverand George Burroughs – James Marsters

Betty Parris – Hannah Nordberg

Abigail Parris – Naian González Norvind

Moses Cooper – Will Pullen


Jenji Kohan

Jenji Kohan, Bruce Miller, Tracy Miller

Gus Van Sant

Jenji Kohan, Gus Van Sant, Bruce Miller (exec producers)
Tracy Miller (supervising producer), Mark Burley (co-exec producer)

Production Company
HBO and Lionsgate TV