FELL (2016)



FELL is a British Sci-Fi film short set for a 2016 release.
Damien is cast as “geek-chic, science wiz” Joel, alongside Tamla Kari as “witty, impulsive, emotionally tough cookie” Alice.
Directors Fern Berresford and Russell Warren successfully completed funding via a Kickstarter campaign.


Official Synopsis

A couple’s star gazing date takes a sudden and dramatic turn when something unexpected falls to Earth.

We open in a beautifully atmospheric park at night and there we find Joel and Alice.

Joel is the embodiment of ‘geek chic’ and Alice is an emotional tough cookie.

These guys are smart, witty and quirky and the truth of it is, Joel likes Alice and well, Alice likes Joel
but neither of them are going to admit to it.

They gaze up at the stars as a stunning meteor shower erupts overhead.

The couple are captivated.

But suddenly they spot something, a star that is different from the rest.

All at once the park explodes into chaos!

White light! Ferocious winds! A deafening sound!

The sky ignites, engulfing our pair as the world around them disappears.

Their lives are about the change forever.

What happens next is truly out of this world…


Directors Intro



Damien Molony – Joel

Tamla Kari – Alice


Writers: Fern Berresford, Russell Warren

Directors: Fern Berresford,Russell Warren

Director of Photography: Christopher Sabogal


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