Damien Molony set for new Sci Fi short ‘FELL’ – pledge to Kickstarter for EPIC rewards!


Thrilling news! Damien has been cast in an exciting new sci-fi short film FELL.

He will be playing “geek-chic, science wiz” Joel, alongside former Being Human co-star Tamla Kari as “witty, impulsive, emotionally tough cookie” Alice.

The intriguing tagline “nothing could have survived this” and premise “A couple’s star gazing date takes a sudden and dramatic turn when something unexpected falls to Earth” promise a compelling film.

From award-winning Director Fern Berresford and Co-Director Russell Warren, with award-winning director of photography Christopher Sabogal, FELL will be a short film that feels big and with high production values. It’s also quirky and funny!

Watch the video below for an in-depth intro from the directors themselves.

FELL has already attracted industry support and won the Ideas Tap ‘Short Film Prize’. It was written as part of a bigger feature idea and the filmmakers plan to make it into a full feature film in the future.

Normally us fans have no powers to help a film project get made or not, but that is not the case with FELL. The filmmakers have set up a Kickstarter campaign to help fund the project.

An incredible selection of rewards are guaranteed to everyone who pledges, including:

★ A copy of the FELL script!

★ A digital download of FELL the film!

★ Your name in the FELL credits!

★ Your very own limited edition A3 FELL poster!

★ Your very own exclusive FELL T-shirt!

★ A special invite to the FELL London premiere!

★ A once in a lifetime chance to spend the day on the FELL set during shooting!


It would be nothing short of tragic not to see this film realised and not to see ‘Hal’ and ‘Pearl’ together on screen again.

Damien (Hal) and Tamla (Pearl) in Being Human

Damien (Hal) and Tamla (Pearl) in Being Human


There is just 1 week left to become a FELL backer and grab your reward!

This project will only be funded if at least £11,000 is pledged by Thursday 5 May 2016 1:54 PM BST. So let’s help make it happen.


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