WATCH the new official, visceral and unmissable TIGER RAID trailer!

The Tiger Raid trailer is here!

Tiger Raid Trailer

With the tagline, “IN LIFE, IN LOVE, IN BLOOD, WE ALL PAY” a new two minute Tiger Raid trailer has been unleashed by the official Twitter page today.

If we thought the images, clip and film details we have seen so far were impactful and provocative, this new trailer transcends anything we could have imagined and exceeds our already high expectations, from beginning to end.

Delivering an incredible first look at Damien (Paddy), Brian Gleeson (Joe) and Sofia Boutella (Shadha) together in the film, the trailer invites us to witness the tense and increasingly volatile world of two mercenaries as they travel across the Iraq desert on a job together.

In a succession of glimpses and dialogue wrapped in an evocative soundscape and set against a vast yet suffocating backdrop of the desert heat, this introduction to Tiger Raid is intense, adrenalising, disturbing and magnetising.

The deepest insight yet into the storyline, with more than a hint at one or two shocking revelations, (which we won’t spoil) this trailer promises a visceral and immersive film. It’s delightfully overwhelming and everything a good trailer should be, and more.

There is also plenty here to suggest a multi-dimensional character in Damien’s Paddy, and a thrilling reminder of how front and centre he is in this movie.

The choice of colour for the trailer image is no coincidence, and the bloodstained theme seeps through the trailer and right off the screen with a slowly but powerfully growing sense of menace and violence throughout.

With a stunning cinematic feel and strong stylish visuals, this first trailer is a top class intro to the first feature from Dixon Baxi Evans Film.

Click below to watch the trailer on the official website! (Warning for language and some violent themes).

Tiger Raid Trailer


Tiger Raid has just made its world premiere at Tribeca Film Festival, where it was met with critical acclaim. The film is set for a 2016 theatrical premiere, does the trailer’s arrival mean we could be hearing about a release date soon? Watch this space for news as it happens!


Tiger Raid is directed by Simon Dixon, produced by Gareth Coulam Evans and Samson Films, written by Mick Donnellan, Simon Dixon and Gareth Coulam Evans and exec produced by Aporva Baxi.


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