TIGER RAID Thrills at Tribeca with “deliciously twitchy and sinister” Damien Molony

Tiger Raid premieres to rave reviews!

© Dixon Baxi Evans Film

© Dixon Baxi Evans Film

Damien’s new feature film Tiger Raid has made its world premiere at Tribeca Film Festival and we’re beginning to hear amazing things both about the film and his performance.

A review from the New York Irish Arts website calls the film a “visceral thriller” and a “devilish mix of psycho-drama and buddy-road pic”. The performances of the two co-leads Damien (Paddy) and Brian Gleeson (Joe) are applauded, with Si Bell’s cinematography and Dean Valentine’s soundtrack also receiving praise:

Both Gleeson and Molony deliver first rate performances: Gleeson with his razor sharp wit and gruff exterior hiding a soft underbelly and Molony is deliciously twitchy and sinister, yet at times almost endearing…”

The film is visually stunning through the cinematography of Si Bell and the driving soundtrack of Dean Valentine keeps things going at a fever pitch, or swings them down to a slow simmer.

Read the full review here (spoiler alert!)

Universal Monsters Universe gives Tiger Raid a full 5 stars in their review, describing the tone as “silent and contemplative at times…also well plotted, paced, and a remarkably muscular thriller disguised as an actioner.”

The film site gives a “raving” review of Damien and Brian Gleesons’ performances, along with exciting insight into their portrayal of the two main characters and the dynamic between them:

Brian Gleeson and Damien Molony give the characters of Joe and Paddy more dimension than of the “toy soldiers” they could have easily become in lesser hands. The ability Gleeson and Molony have to flip between relatable comradeship to the reviled depths they sometimes sink to; each revealing new shades of personality to their given characters, they never let their figurative index off of the trigger. Talk about performances worth raving over!

The movie’s “cadence and language” is also likened to “great classic films”:

Simon Dixon’s Tiger Raid has a specific “cadence and language”, just as Dixon himself said after the premiere of his film. It’s a cadence and language that many of the great classic films have all shared and it’s one actively waiting to be discovered during this year’s Tribeca Film Festival.”

And the review ends with the highest compliment of all: “Tiger Raid is the 2016 win of Tribeca!”

While we can’t necessarily force you to see this movie in as forceful as way as a true tiger raid, the 2016 film starring Brian Gleeson, Damien Molony, Sofia Boutella, and Rory Fleck-Byrne deserves to be seen, experienced, and witnessed in just as powerful a way….…And if you listen very closely, you’ll hear the ventricular beats drumming “Tiger Raid is the 2016 win of Tribeca!”

Check out the full review here (spoiler alert!)


These early reviews confirm many of the things we’re excited for about Damien’s new film, but also reveal many more – The intimate dramatic nature of the film as a two-hander, reminiscent of Mick Donnellan’s play on which it is based, the dark and disturbing tone, the intensity and visceral feel conveyed not only by a journey through an extreme environment but through the journey of an ultra tense, volatile, dynamic between two men.

It is also always delightful to see the our favourite actor’s talent recognised and admired. We’re thrilled that Tiger Raid and Damien’s performance have been met with critical acclaim and cannot wait until the film is more widely available so we can offer a review of our own!

The third and final Tiger Raid Tribeca Film Festival screening takes place tonight in New York and the film is due for a theatrical release this year, a date is yet to be confirmed.

Watch this space for more news as we get it!


Tiger Raid is directed by Simon Dixon, produced by Gareth Coulam Evans and Samson Films, written by Mick Donnellan, Simon Dixon and Gareth Coulam Evans and exec produced by Aporva Baxi.


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