Damien to appear in new military themed movie, filming wrapped in Jordan


We have exciting news, Damien is going to be in another film!

We reported earlier this year that he had been cast in Kill Your Friends – completed in April and due for release in 2015. Now we are delighted not only to confirm his casting in another movie, but to learn today that it is already in the can!

As yet unnamed, Damien’s new project appears to be a feature film with a military / action theme and set in a desert terrain. He has been working in Jordan for the past few weeks and wrapped on filming today.

Having most recently appeared on UK TV as Detective Sergeant Jack Weston in Channel 5’s Suspects, Damien has been turning us fans into detectives over the past few weeks, leaving a breadcrumb trail of cryptic clues on his Twitter page as to what his mystery new project might be.


Clue #1
Damien Tweeted his first hint that he was filming something new on 13 August


Clue #2
Soon followed by a clue about the shoot being in a hot location.


Clue #3
The next photo clue displayed Arabic writing on a shampoo bottle, narrowing the location down further.


Clue #4
Damien’s subsequent tweet revealed that he was training with National boxing champion of Jordan Arifa Bseiso – suggesting not only that he was filming in Jordan but that his new role requires a high level of fitness.


Clue #5
Today Damien announced he has wrapped on filming, posting a tantalizing glimpse of the terrain in a Vine video.


Clue #6
He also shared a behind the scenes photo of a nightshoot.


Further clues have also appeared from the world’s premiere tactical, adventure and consultancy team, Jordan based MissionX, who also offer specialist military training and advice to the film and TV actors / directors.

Last month MissionX revealed on their Twitter page:


It has not been officially announced, but there are strong indications that Damien is one of the actors who has been working on the same film.

From the MissionX website:
“Mission X eliminates the guess-work in creating realistic film production settings and segments.Accurate and creative technical advice ensures that feature films, television series and documentaries capture all the necessary details. Previous consulting projects include Hollywood feature films and documentaries filmed in the world’s most extreme environments.”

“[We offer]Technical advice, role development and scripting for movies and documentaries featuring police, SWAT, military and Special Operations Forces. Total immersion training for director and actors who seek military authenticity and historical accuracy.”

MissionX have worked on a number of high profile action / drama films, including soon to be released Rosewater and Monsters Dark Continent. The films’ trailers perhaps give us a sneak peek into the terrain and kind of movie Damien may be involved in.


We are thrilled that Damien will be appearing in another feature film and eagerly await more clues about the movie and his role. Watch this space for news as it happens!


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