Suspects cast interviews and behind the scenes video



Channel 5 have released a Suspects behind the scenes video, featuring the first cast interviews with the 3 leads: Damien Molony (DS Jack Weston), Fay Ripley (DI Martha Bellamy) and Clare-Hope Ashitey (DC Charlie Steele).

The cop show debuts next week and promises a unique format for drama, including documentary style filming techniques and the actors improvising their own dialogue based on a detailed plot description.

The interview offers an exclusive insight into the upcoming cop drama from the actors themselves:

“It’s incredibly gritty, very passionate, very gripping” Clare

“It’s shot in a very unconventional way, it’s shot like a fly on the wall documentary” Damien

“This is where telly crosses over between factual television and drama. the cameras folow us as they would in real life” Fay

“When you get the call saying there’s been a crime committed, or there’s a body, you’re starting to compile evidence” Fay

“Someone gives you a fingerprint or a piece of CCTV and you have to try and figure out how they fit together” Clare

“Every scene that goes on, another golden nugget of information comes into us” Damien

“Everything feels a lot more real and a lot less staged” Clare

“There’s a genuine sense of tension building throughout the episode” Damien


Check out the full interview below.


With the final words from Damien ringing in our ears, we are more excited for Suspects than ever:

“It’s certainly like nothing I’ve ever seen on television before.”


Suspects will air at 10pm on Wednesday 12th February only on Channel 5.


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