“Please donate if you can”: Damien Molony Makes 21st Blood Donation During Filming for ‘The Split’ Series 3

Damien has made his 21st blood donation

Damien Molony, IG Story, 17 June 2021

Damien has shared his latest donation on his Instagram page and IG story, with a message encouraging others to give blood.

Since 2012 our fave actor has been regularly giving blood, his last donation was in January and he has now made a total of over twenty blood donations. At the last count this would be his twenty first!


Currently filming for The Split Series 3 in London, with Brassic Series 4 filming beginning later in the summer, well done to Damien for fitting in another donation in to his busy schedule and continuing to inspire others to #savealifegiveblood.

There has never been a more vital time to give blood, donation centres around the world are still open and have extra safety measures and precautions in place during the pandemic.

If you have been inspired by Damien to give blood, please don’t hesitate, book an appointment today. Donating blood really does save lives. If you are generally healthy, over 17 and want to do something that takes little of your time but truly makes a difference, don’t hesitate, take action today. Not only will you be doing something amazing, but you will also be helping Damien’s own campaign for increasing blood donations.

If you live in the UK, visit blood.co.uk to find out where your nearest donation centre is and make an appointment today.

If you are unable to give blood you can still make a difference by encouraging a friend, your family and helping to spread the word!

Click below to find out more:

UK Blood Donations
Welsh Blood Service
Scottish National Blood Transfusion Service
Northern Ireland Blood Transfusion Service
International Blood Donations



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