National Blood Week – Damien Molony Wants to Recruit YOU!




Give Blood For Your Favourite Vampire!

As vampire Hal in BBC Being Human he recruited blood suckers, but since making his first blood donation, Damien has been steadily recruiting blood donors, by inspiring fans to do the same.

Having given blood three times now, each time putting up his post-donation photo on his twitter page, Damien continues to raise awareness on the importance of giving blood, ‘Re-tweeting’ anyone who sends him their own photo.

Today begins National Blood week (10-16 June) why not roll up your sleeve and make a difference by giving blood?

If we can’t persuade you, maybe Damien can:


I hugely admire anyone who has given blood. I know it can seem scary at first and I don’t like needles either, but it really couldn’t be easier. I am very grateful to my followers on Twitter who have given blood or have started giving blood since I started tweeting about it. I made the obvious connection with playing a vampire in Being Human, a blood addict giving blood. So now I have a deal with my followers: I will re-tweet everyone that has donated blood and tweets me a photo. source

Whether it goes to someone in an accident, whether it keeps someone receiving cancer treatment alive, giving blood is a real life-saver, and it couldn’t be easier. Be brave, sign up, and save a life.source




Donating blood really does save lives. If you are generally healthy, over 17 and want to do something that takes little of your time but truly makes a difference, don’t hesitate, take action today! Not only will you be doing something amazing, but you will also be helping Damien’s own campaign for increasing blood donations and if you send your photo to him on twitter, you are guaranteed a DaMo Retweet.

Visit to find out where your nearest donation centre is and make an appointment today! take a friend, take your whole family and help spread the word for National Blood week.


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National Blood Week – Know Blood Give Blood


If you have been inspired by Damien to give blood, come and tell us about it here!