‘THE FABRIC OF YOU’: Damien Molony stars with Iain Glen in animated short film at Edinburgh International Film Fest 2019

Damien stars in a new animated short film The Fabric Of You.

Our fave actor is the lead voice actor alongside Iain Glen (Game Of Thrones) in the film, written and directed by Josephine Lohoar Self. He shared this photo of the cast and creators on his Instagram page.

The animation tells the story of Michael, voiced by Damien, a grieving tailor mouse who “recounts and reckons with the memories of a past lover.”

Josephine Lohoar Self has shared a more detailed synopsis on her official website:

Set in the Bronx, in the era of 1950s McCarthyism, everybody wants to look the same. Michael a gay, twenty-something-year old mouse, hides his true identity while he works as a tailor. When Isaac enters the shop one day he offers the escapism and love Michael craves. In Michael’s confined apartment, he becomes tormented by the memories of Isaac’s tragic death. Michael’s memories and flashbacks are triggered when he notices Isaac’s jacket draped on the back of a chair. Haunted by the solace Isaac once offered, he struggles to come to terms with his loss.”

The Fabric Of You is supported by the Scottish Film Talent Network (SFTN), the BFI and Creative Scotland.

The animation will have its world premiere at Edinburgh International Film Festival as part of the animation strand, and competes with 29 other British animation films for the prestigious Maclaren Award, decided by public vote. It is also in the running for the EIFF Best Short Film Award.

The world premiere takes place 1.10pm on 29 June 2019 at Filmhouse Cinema in Edinburgh and booking is now open. Don’t miss out on your chance of seeing it!




As his first animation voice work, The Fabric Of You extends the ever growing and increasingly impressive range of exciting and diverse projects Damien has been involved in.

He will also appear in another short film this year, Keep Breathing, a two-hander inspired by the #MeToo movement.

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