‘BRASSIC’: Damien Molony First Look Images, Trailer, Interview – COMING TO SKY ONE 22 AUGUST!

Damien’s upcoming Sky One comedy Brassic is coming on 22 August and we have brand new images and a trailer to share!

Damien Molony as Dylan, Brassic © Sky One

Damien Molony as Dylan, Brassic © Sky One

The lovely people at Sky One have shared these exclusive new images and trailer with DMF today, giving us a proper first look at the characters, including our favourite actor as Dylan.

© Sky One

© Sky One

Brassic’ © Sky One

© Sky One


Not only that but we have a premiere date – all episodes will be available 22 August on SKY One and streaming service NOW TV.

Take a look at the trailer below.

With its “distinct Northern flavour” the edgy new Sky original comedy about “a group of working-class friends finding unconventional ways to win at life in northern suburbia” is co-created by Joe Gilgun and BAFTA-winning writer Danny Brocklehurst.

Damien plays the character Dylan alongside Joe Gilgun as his best mate Vinnie and Michelle Keegan who plays his girlfriend Erin. Also starring are Tom Hanson (Cardy), Aaron Heffernan (Ash), Ryan Sampson (Tommo) and Parth Thakerar (JJ), with Ruth Sheen and Tim Key.

Another treat today comes via a preview in The Metro, which includes an interview with Damien, who talks about his character Dylan, what attracted him to the role in the first place and how mental health issues are addressed in Brassic.


It’s a show about a group of lads who are the very best of mates…I play Dylan, who is the brains of the gang. He is probably the most reluctant to get involved because he’s smart enough to see all of the flaws in the plan, but he ends up getting involved and keeps getting dragged into it.”

He’s at his happiest when he’s right in the middle of it with the lads. He lacks any real ambition or drive to do anything with his intelligence so he’s very happy to hang around with the lads.
Dylan is dating Erin and she has a son from a previous relationship, so Dylan is very much a father figure to Tyler. Erin is desperate to leave town and make a success of her life. She has these big dreams of a very successful career and she’s desperate to leave town but Dylan wants to hang with the lads. There’s a real tension there between his relationship with the lads and her.”


I remember when I read the scripts when I was meeting Joe and the director to talk about the project, one of the scripts had the guys going down into the sewer to break into a strip club. That was kind of me sold.”

So much of the show is about love and about them having the best time of their lives, but intertwined with that is a lot of sadness.. he main character suffers with a mental health disorder and lot of the show is navigating his journey and how his best mates deal with that and helping him. I didn’t have a defined understanding of bipolar disorder before we started filming, but being around Joe and just talking about it made it easier for everyone else to be honest about their mental health. It got people having conversations on set that you wouldn’t normally have. It made us a very tight bunch.”

Read the full preview and interview at The Metro.


We have been excited for this ‘edgy new comedy’ since it was first announced and now we don’t have long to wait.

Watch this space for all the news as we get it!

Brassic airs Thursday 22nd August on Sky One and will be available on NOW TV.

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