BRASSIC FANTASTIC Charity Prize Draw – £1360 raised for mental health charity SANE! THANK YOU!

The Damien Molony Forum ‘Brassic Fantastic’ Charity Prize Draw raised £1360 for mental health charity SANE!

From 5 – 29 November the Damien Molony Forum ran a fundraiser in aid of mental health charity SANE.

With the help of Damien and all you lovely fans, we are thrilled and grateful to have smashed our target of £1000 and raised an even higher amount to support their important work – the most we have raised in one of our charity prize draws!

This was our biggest draw ever, with a total of 29 one-of-a-kind, exclusive and very special Brassic prizes to give away to the lucky winners! In case you missed it, prize winners have been announced at the Damien Molony Forum here.

Thank you to everyone who entered and made a donation, together we made a difference to a really great cause!

Take a look at the official SANE website here to see all the services they offer.

Below is a letter of thanks and a fundraising certificate from the charity.


I would like to say a huge thanks to you, Damien and everyone who contributed towards reaching the goal of £1,000!

Volunteers are vital to SANEline: they undergo a rigorous selection process before being provided with a unique training programme of over 92 hours, run by experienced staff and mental health professionals.

They are practiced in active listening skills and showing compassion, empathy, understanding and warmth. They also understand different mental health conditions and the workings of the mental health system. It costs £1,000 to train and support one new volunteer per year.

The Damien Molony Forum ‘Brassic Fantastic Fundraiser’ in aid of SANE has supported 1 new volunteer so far!
Thank you all so much! We couldn’t do it without amazing people like you. ♥”


Huge thanks to Damien for once again making another fundraiser possible, for collaborating and supporting, for helping with the prizes, for making us a special video, for his generosity and kindness and for his time during a very busy period while filming Brassic series 2. Thank you to him for donating not only his time but also his Brassic series 1 hoody, his F**K QUINOA cap and T-shirt and for organising all of the cast signings on photos, DVDs and poster.

Huge thanks to all of the Brassic cast for signing so many prizes, Michelle Keegan, Ryan Sampson, Aaron Heffernan, Tom Hanson Parth Thakerar and most of all to Joe Gilgun, for Brassic and for being the inspiration for our chosen charity.

Huge thanks to Sky Publicity team for donating the F**K QUINOA caps and T-shirts and for the big Brassic poster.

Huge thanks to Calamity Films for donating the Brassic series 1 DVDs.

My personal thanks to everyone who supported and helped spread the word, and again to everyone who donated.


Festive best wishes to all and here’s to fan power making a difference!