IFTN INTERVIEW: Damien Molony Talks ‘Brassic’ Craic, Second Series & New Short Film Role

Damien Molony at the Sky Ireland Content Showcase 12 February 2919 © Sky

Damien has revealed more about his upcoming Sky comedy Brassic in an interview just released by the Irish Film and Television Network.

Having previously attended the Sky Ireland 2019 Content Showcase, our favourite actor talked to IFTN about his experiences on the Brassic set and why he wanted the part.

Damien also spoke about his journey into acting, working in the UK and Ireland, as well as what is coming up next for him, including the exciting news of a new short film role.

Below are our highlights from the interview.

On landing his role in Brassic:

I had worked with an Irish director actually, Daniel O’Hara on Being Human. I jumped at the opportunity really to work with him again. Then, obviously, Joe Gilgun, he has created the show. I’ve been such a massive fan of his since This is England. Danny Brocklehurst has written the script and then there’s a whole sequence in the show that takes places in a sewer. Once I had gone and read that I was pretty much on board.”

On the meaning of ‘Brassic’:

The term brassic is rhyming slang. The stuff that’s in your pocket, the fluff. It’s called lint, obviously, and there’s a type of lint called brassic lint. If the only thing that you have in your pocket is lint, it means that you’re skint, it means you’re penniless, it means you’re broke. So brassic lint is brassic equals skint.”

On what the show is about:

The show itself is about a group of mates in the North of England getting into mischief. Fairly harmless mischief, but they’re tearing around having the absolute time of their lives. The show is about friendship and it’s about having a laugh with your mates and trying to make a quick buck along the way….I think a lot of small town shows, whether they’re based in the UK or in Ireland or anywhere are usually about characters who want to get out of town and want to improve themselves in some way. Brassic is not about that. Brassic is about mates who are having such good craic that they have absolutely no interest in leaving… they’re probably avoiding real life in a way and probably avoiding growing up, but they’re not really too worried about that.”

On the ‘craic’ he had during filming:

We just laughed and laughed. I’ve never really been on a show before with so many regular cast. All being in together every day, for four months in Manchester was just great craic. The stuff that we would get up to– I did something on this show for the first time every single day. When I’d be in the trailer in the morning and I’d facetime with my parents, they’d say, ‘What are you doing today?’ and I’d say, ‘Today we’re being shot at by a local farmer while we try to steal his Shetland pony.’ Or ‘I’m getting sprayed on by an exploding ‘fat bird’ in a sewer.’ There was lots of great craic to be had.”

When asked what was coming up next for him, Damien told IFTN that a second series of Brassic might be on the cards:

We’re all really hoping for a second series of Brassic, so we’re waiting hopefully to hear about that.”

He also revealed that he has been cast and will be appearing in a new short film. shooting this weekend!

I’m shooting a short film this weekend coming, which is called, Keep Breathing.

It is exciting to hear more from Damien about Brassic and that there are talks of series 2 already. We also cannot wait to find out all about his new short film project ‘Keep Breathing’.

Watch this space for all the news as we get it!


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