PHOTO! Damien Molony behind the scenes of The Current War – in UK cinemas now

The Current War is now open in UK & Ireland cinemas and Damien has shared a behind the scenes photo from his first day filming.

It’s our first thrilling look at our fave actor in period costume as his character Bourke Cockran, an Irish American lawyer who historically represented George Westinghouse (Michael Shannon) during the epic story of the ‘war of currents’ with Thomas Edison (Benedict Cumberbatch).

The film portrays their battle for control of the electricity supply in America in the late 1880s and the cut throat competition between their AC/DC currents. Bourke Cockran was directly involved with Westinghouse’s attempt to stop the association of AC current as the ‘deadly current’ being used in the first ever legal electrocution by electric chair of William Kemmler (Conor MacNeill).

Damien has also shared a full length photo of his costume, including top hat, via an Instagram Story, which will disappear in 24 hours – so be quick and take a look here!

The Current War reaches US audiences 4 October with 101 studios, who released a new trailer featuring Damien’s voice as Bourke Cockran. He can be heard saying “Sometimes we have to work outside of the rules to get what’s right” at the 1.10 mark. Watch and listen closely!

Search for showtimes at your local cinema and buy tickets on the official UK The Current War website!


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