‘CRASHING’ Premiere: The Damien Molony Forum Review


Crashing premiered on Channel 4 on Monday night and here is the Damien Molony Forum review.



We could just leave it there, because that’s our reaction to the first episode of Crashing in gif form. Generating grins of glee and more moments of LOL than we can count, Phoebe Waller-Bridge and Big Talk Productions have created a fresh, funny, flirty, feisty new comedy.

The series opener introduced the main cast as the property guardians tenanting a disused hospital to protect it from squatters. Messy, colourful, engaging and all very different, Lulu (Phoebe Waller Bridge) opens the door into the world of ‘sexually explosive’ Sam (Jonathan Bailey), ‘happily engaged’ couple Kate (Louise Ford) and Anthony (Damien), ‘shy and excitable’ Fred (Amit Shah) and ‘frustrated French artist’ Melody (Julia Dray).

Lulu’s arrival immediately affects the domestic bliss of old friend Anthony and Kate, who are preparing to get married. The unfinished business between her and Anthony is apparent from the get go.

Not that there is anything domestic about Crashing. The brand new series is billed as a sitcom, but the setting (a fabulous exterior and interior provided by real life disused hospital the Royal London in Whitechapel) has a sense of scale and the same feel of community, and separation, as university halls – with a similar vibe of frisson and freedom – but with older residents, with more complicated lives.

Within the too short thirty minutes of episode 1, the potential of this exciting and unique premise is realised through a large party, the perfect vehicle to introduce the group and the building, peppered with intriguing intimate chats in the bedroom and revealing individual pep talks in the bathroom mirror.

Contemporary, light, frivolous, face achingly funny and very much this generation, the first intalment of the comedy also delivered oodles of dramatic tension, especially in the cleverly written, beautifully performed scenes between Anthony and Lulu. We were treated to a showcase of Damien’s range and expressivity as the two engaged in an adorkable and awkward back and forth game of flirty ‘just kidding’, which resulted in a ‘dare’ kiss and a ‘not really’ declaration of love. Not to mention the close-ups.


But that’s quite enough from us.

Press buzz was also overwhelmingly positive for the series premiere reviews highlights below.

The Times
4 stars “a zeitgeisty update on the flatshare sitcom”

The Guardian
“Foul-mouthed, frank, funny: generation rent finds its comic voice”

Radio Times
“a funny, smart sitcom about an incredibly modern way of living”

Yahoo Celebrity
“All The Twenties Awkwardness In Hilarious Comedy Form”

Heat Magazine
4 stars “Another comedy hit for Channel 4”


Standout moments

Anthony being afraid of a pigeon “it’s not moving and it’s looking right at me”

Sam (Jonathan Bailey) hugging Fred (Amit Shah)

Jessica (Susan Wokoma) out-sassing Sam (Jonathan Bailey)

Colin (Anthony Scarborough), under the spell of Melody, shouting “c***”

Lulu (Phoebe Waller-Bridge) spanking Anthony with her ukululu


and this.

Crashing Episode 1

and this..
Crashing episode 1

and this…
Crashing Episode 1

and this….


A cracking start from Crashing and from what we’re hearing, episode 2 is going to be even better. Can’t wait.


What did you think of Crashing episode 1?

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Watch Crashing episode 1 on All 4


Crashing is produced by Big Talk Productions and episode 2 airs 10 pm 18 January 2016 on Channel 4


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