‘CRASHING’ Episode 2 Preview and Trailer


After a cracking debut on Channel 4 last week, Crashing returns tonight for episode 2.

Crashing Episode 2


The opening episode of the new comedy drama introduced us to a bunch of characters ‘crashing’ together in a cool London pad – Anthony (Damien) and fiancée Kate (Louise Ford), Sam (Jonathan Bailey), Fred (Amit Shah) and Melody (Julie Dray) – all occupying their very own ‘ward’ as property guardians in a disused hospital.

When Anthony’s ‘quirky’ childhood friend Lulu (Phoebe Waller-Bridge) arrived out of the blue, it became all too clear there are unresolved feelings simmering away on both sides.

In the upcoming episode, things in the central love triangle heat up as Lulu settles in, getting too close for comfort for ‘anal’ events organiser Kate, when she joins her at work and in her and Anthony’s bedroom…

Crashing episode 2

Anthony tries to have a mature conversation with Lulu, but the pair continue to hide their true feelings from each other (and themselves) while obviously having sizzling chemistry together. And they are still being far too mutually smiley in their tête-à-têtes for Kate to have nothing to worry about.

Crashing Episode 2

The new episode promises more insight into the characters and their uniquely fascinating home, but this time also ventures into their places of work, including in a scene where Sam (Jonathan Bailey) invites Fred to skip work to watch a rom-com.

We’re also treated to our first look at chef Anthony’s restaurant, delightfully named ‘We Don’t Give A Fork’, where French artist Melody (Julie Dray) relishes the no-cutlery concept when she takes Colin (Adrian Scarborough) there for a date.

Watch the episode trailer below.


Will things reach boiling point between Anthony, Kate and Lulu? Will anyone say how they really feel, or will the dramatic tensions in this tangled threesome continue to brew? (And how many more cooking puns can we fit into this preview?)

We can’t wait to see what Phoebe-Waller Bridge has brought to the plate this time and will be tuning in for tonight to see what’s cooking in the new instalment.


Crashing is produced by Big Talk Productions and episode 2 airs tonight 10 pm Monday 18 January 2016 on Channel 4


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