‘HOME FRONT’: Damien Molony Joins BBC Radio 4 WW1 Serial Drama

Damien Molony plays Hardy Walsh in new radio role


~~~ UPDATE! ~~~
Damien currently appears as Hardy Walsh in 5 episodes of BBC Radio 4’s Home Front:

’20 June 1918 – Hardy Walsh’
12.04 – 12.15
20 June 2018
(Listen here!)

’27 June 1918 – Emily Colville’
12.04 – 12.15
27 June 2018
(Listen here!)

‘4 July 1918 – Morris Battley’
12.04 – 12.15
4 July 2018
(Listen here!)

’23 July 1918 – Emily Colville’
12.04 – 12.15
23 July 2018
(Listen here!)

‘1 August 1918 – Emily Colville’
12.04 – 12.15
1 August 2018
(Listen here!)

(this list will be updated as more are announced)


Damien is making a return to radio very soon!

He will appear in Home Front, BBC Radio 4’s long-running and established serial drama.

Set in Britain during the Great War 1914 – 1918, the drama follows the lives of a group of characters on the home front while Britain is at war. It returns during events in the latter part of the war for series 14, subtitled “Needs Must When the Devil Drives”.

The Home Front story returns to Devon, a county central to the country’s desperate hopes for a good harvest, in which the upheavals and social schisms of WW1 were felt particularly keenly. Summer 1918 marks the point when Britain was on the brink of starvation, with the most important harvest of the war looming, both literally and metaphorically. Women, children, prisoners of war and wounded soldiers are all being put to work on the land. However, there are also those unable or unwilling to help the Government drive to feed the war effort. Dartmoor prison now houses 1000 conscientious objectors, much to the fury of local people with family away fighting, whilst at nearby Seale Hayne, a radical new hospital for shell-shocked soldiers has opened. Season 14 challenges notions of a harmonious rural idyll.

Our favourite actor joins the cast as Irish character Hardy Walsh. He will appear in the episode 20 June 1918 – Hardy Walsh, which airs 20 June 2018, and 27 June 1918 Emily Colville on 27 June 2018, written by Lucy Catherine.

More details via the character and episode synopsis.

20 June 1918 – Hardy Walsh | Episode Synopsis

On this day in 1918, a registry office for boy farmworkers opened in London,
and in Devon, Hardy Walsh finds his work more of a challenge than he expected.

27 June 1918 – Emily Colville | Episode Synopsis
On this day in 1918, eleven people were killed in an air raid on Paris,
and in Devon, Emily fears that the Engleby Estate is under siege.

The trailer for the new series features at tantalizing snippet of Damien at the outset, click below to listen.

Damien is one of an impressive host of characters and stellar cast of guest stars in the new series, including former TV and theatre co-star Jonathan Bailey.

This is his fourth radio role this year, having played the male lead in two Drama on 3 productions, Tis Pity She’s A Whore as Giovanni and The Effect as Tristan in January, and most recently he played the titular role of BBC Radio 4 Easter Drama Judas from March – April.


As with all BBC radio drama, Home Front is available to listen live and on demand via the BBC Radio iplayer worldwide. The programme is also available in advance online and as a downloadable podcast. Don’t miss!

20 June 1918 – Hardy Walsh airs 12.04 Wednesday 20 June on BBC Radio 4.


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