‘CRASHING’: Damien Molony to appear with comedy legend Kathy Burke in “Sexy and messy” Episode 4


Crashing is back with episode 4 tonight on Channel 4.

Crashing Channel 4

With director George Kane calling the upcoming episode “Sexy and messy” and with an exciting new addition to the cast, it sounds like another not to be missed instalment of Damien’s new comedy sitcom.

Channel 4 have released two exclusive sneak peek clips, the first with Anthony (Damien) encouraging Kate (Louise Ford) to ‘let loose’ in the bedroom.. but not in the way you might think!
Crashing Episode 4

Watch it below. (Warning: NSFW, or while eating!)

Anthony also helps Lulu (Phoebe Waller-Bridge) to register as a property guardian and the second clip shows the pair visiting Lulu’s eccentric Great Aunt Gladys, played by Kathy Burke (Kathy Burke!), to ask for her assistance.

Click below to watch on Channel 4.

Crashing Episode 4 Clip

Big Talk revealed a further exclusive glimpse below.


We are excited to see Damien appearing alongside such a comedy legend and can’t wait to found out what happens next in Crashing!


Crashing is produced by Big Talk Productions and episode 4 airs 10 pm Monday 1 February 2016 on Channel 4


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