CRASHING: The ‘Topless Episode’ and Damien Molony behind-the-scenes photo


Damien has shared a photo of himself behind the scenes of Crashing on his Instagram page.

Last night's episode got a bit messy #crashing #painted @channel4

A photo posted by Damien Molony (@damien_molony) on

The photo treat is from during filming “Sexy and messy” Episode 4, which aired Monday night on Channel 4.

If the previous spicy instalment was the ‘curry episode’, the latest could be called the ‘topless episode’, with Damien less in costume than out of it… not that we noticed of course, at all.

This week’s episode saw his character Anthony encouraging Kate (Louise Ford) to let loose in the bedroom and helping childhood friend Lulu (Phoebe Waller-Bridge) register as a property guardian.

After a visit to Lulu’s eccentric and inappropriate Great Aunt Gladys (hilariously played by Kathy Burke) the slightly drunken pair end up in the property guardian management office in a laugh out loud scene, with Anthony giving his T-shirt to Lulu due to a certain incident with her onesie…

Crashing Episode 4

…In the following intimate heart to heart, Anthony tells Lulu he wishes Kate would “let go a bit” and “be more like…”

Crashing Episode 4

…when a paint pot comes flying out of the window. Anthony assumes ‘anal’ Kate “is gonna flip”, but unbeknown to him, the events of the morning has set Kate on a journey of her own…

Crashing episode 4

…and it was not just him who had taken his top off, but newly liberated Kate and inspiringly empowered Melody (Julie Dray) too, who, after a revealing afternoon, are having a raucous body paint party with Sam (Jonathan Bailey) Fred (Amit Shah) and his boyfriend Will (Lachie Chapman)…

Crashing Episode 4

…After the shock wears off, Anthony looks set to dive in, but rather than join the fun, he covers Kate in a towel and carries her off to the shower, appearing to have painted himself into a corner and coming to regret his earlier encouragements and their consequences.

Crashing Episode 4


In this outrageously humourous episode all the major characters got topless, which, beyond the laughs, was ultimately a celebration of freedom from body image issues and the gender double standard. And by the end it was not just their bodies that the paint had made ‘messy’, but all of their already tangled relationship too.

Crashing has proven itself to be a quality and tonal comedy, funny, astute and touching. Last night’s more dramedy than sitcom storyline, chock full of gasp worthy moments, was no exception.

The only downside to something this good, is having to wait a whole week to find out what happens next.


Crashing is produced by Big Talk Productions and episode 4 airs 10 pm Mondays on Channel 4


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