JACK IS BACK! – but has he strayed too far off track? Suspects Series 5 Episode 3 Preview


© Channel 5

© Channel 5

Jack is back when Suspects returns on Wednesday and we have a preview of Series 5 Episode 3!

The Suspects story continues with a grim case for the team in the third instalment of six-part Series 5, and things are about to get more complicated and even tougher for Jack.

The story so far…

The series opened with the tragic and shocking loss of DI Martha Bellamy (Fay Ripley), sending Jack on a hunt to find his boss’s killer. So far, the case has seen him pursue the main suspect Stan Turner (Sam Stockman) – with his hallmark headstrong and sometimes maverick style – without being able to convict him, despite Stan being at the centre of every thread he follows.

The investigation has also brought one of Jack’s exes into his life, Rose Harris (Karen Hassan) who was the main focus of the investigation in the last episode, where Jack also discovered he is probably a father.

Coming up..

In the upcoming episode the lines between Jack’s personal and professional lives become even blurrier, this time threatening to derail his career.

With Rose in prison, Jack has taken in sixteen old Lucy Harris (Lucy Carless) who he thinks could be his daughter. When Lucy becomes a key witness in a new investigation, Jack tries to keep things secret, putting long-term colleague Charlie (Clare-Hope Ashitey) in an impossible position when she finds out.

Check out the synopsis below. (Spoilers alert!)

Suspects Series 5 Episode 3 Synopsis

When a girl is raped on her way home, Jack tries to conceal his connection to the key witness in the case, Lucy. The 16-year-old has been living with him since he discovered that she is probably his daughter, and Charlie reluctantly agrees to keep his secret. However, it soon becomes clear that both girls are lying about that evening, and when more evidence emerges, Charlie cannot stay silent for much longer.


In the ‘next time’ preview for the episode, Charlie is seen telling Jack he has to inform DCI Daniel Drummond (James Murray) about Lucy, and TDC Gary Roscoe (Perry Fitzpatrick) asks her “Is the Sarge going to lose his job?” to which she replies, “Yeah I think he might.”


suspects series 5 episode 3


To add even more uncertainty and tension to the mix, unbeknown to both Jack and Charlie, there is another force at work thwarting their efforts to catch Martha’s killer. Their new boss, dodgy DCI Dan, has very ulterior motives in the case and may very well have motive for wanting Jack out of the picture.

Can Charlie have Jack’s back? Or has he strayed too far off track this time? And what will corrupt DCI Dan do with Jack’s future in his hands?

We are already holding our breath and will be watching to find out.


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Suspects Series 5 returns for episode 3 Wednesday 17 August 10pm on Channel 5.


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