JACK IS BACK! Abduction, jeopardy, tension, corruption: Suspects S5 Episode 4 Preview

Suspects Series 5 Episode 4

Suspects continues on Wednesday and we have a preview of Series 5 Episode 4!

The fifth series of Suspects has reached the half way point and one thing is already clear: it’s the best so far.

Suspects has always been gripping, immersive viewing, with cleverly constructed, intense storylines. But this series has taken the show to a whole new level. Having one storyline extending across six episodes allows for greater plot building and character development, and the first half of this series has given us altogether more – more intriguing layering, more twists and turns and more galvanizing suspense. And Damien’s character has been central to it all.

Jack’s ‘Lone Ranger’ approach has been amplified by the killing of his boss, and the ensuing investigation has caused greater, more engrossing, team tensions and conflict. We’ve also been treated to a bigger focus on his personal life – with the case bringing him face to face with his past and the revelation that he has a daughter – and watched the fallout affect his professional life.

The added dimension of a changed team dynamic and facing a new corrupt boss, Jack’s situation is also more volatile than ever before.

The scope of this series allows the sense of jeopardy for Jack to be stronger than ever, and that makes for even more dramatic and compelling viewing.


So what happened in last week’s episode?

suspects series 5 episode 3
Last week’s emotion filled episode 3 saw Jack’s daughter Lucy (Lucy Carless) at the center of a grim rape case. With Jack breaking the rules to protect her, causing friction with Charlie (Clare-Hope Ashitey), earning him a telling off from Alisha (Lenora Crichlow) and narrowly avoiding suspension from corrupt DCI Drummond (James Murray), the latest instalment ended with Jack discovering Lucy had been abducted from his flat, with evidence of a bloody struggle in the bathroom.


What is coming up in episode 4?

Here are four things we know for sure.

1. The jeopardy for Jack is going to escalate. The Jack we know and love will obviously not be able to sit back and just let others carry out the investigation into his daughter’s disappearance. Everything is going to ramp up in line with his emotions.

suspects series 5 episode 4

2. The tension between Jack and the team will continue. There will be more tellings off and more private chats between Jack and Charlie, who continues to try to have his back, despite everything.
suspects series 5 episode 4

3. The plot will thicken. The case will become even more delightfully complex, as the team are taken full circle when they discover a link between Lucy’s abduction and the prime suspects in Martha murder.

Suspects Sereis 5 episode 4

4. The whiff of corruption will get stronger. The mystery surrounding dodgy DCI Drummond will increase as the case brings him face to face with the club owning brothers Mo (Neil Stuke) and Stan (Sam Stockman) again.

Another certainty is more stellar improv from the entire cast, so seamless they make us forget the show’s format.

For more details on this Wednesday’s episode, check out the synopsis below. (Spoilers alert!)

Suspects Series 5 Episode 4 Synopsis

Last week Jack came home to signs of a violent struggle and blood spatters in his flat. It looks as though Lucy has been abducted, but why?

As Alisha takes control of the investigation, Jack finds it hard to adjust to his new role as just witness and next of kin. Gary discovers that Lucy visited the club owned by notorious criminals Mo Jones (Neil Stuke, ‘Paranoid’, ‘Silk’) and Stan Turner (Sam Stockman, ‘Undercover’, ‘Whitechapel’). Gus Adebayo (Osi Okerafor, ‘Fury’), their head of security, matches the description of the man seen bundling Lucy out of Jack’s flat and into a van — but Gus and his van are missing…

Jack cannot bear to just wait for news, but he is so emotional when he turns up at the station to help that he threatens to disrupt the investigation, forcing a sympathetic Drummond to reprimand him.

A breakthrough comes when a young lad named Jimmy (Stuart Campbell) enters the station with significant information. Lucy is in grave danger…


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Suspects Series 5 returns for episode 4 with more arresting viewing Wednesday 24 August 10pm on Channel 5.


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