‘CRASHING’: Series Finale Teaser Clip – Is this ‘The Moment’ for Anthony and Lulu?

The series finale of Crashing airs tonight and Channel 4 have revealed a crucial exclusive teaser clip ahead of the episode.

© Channel 4

© Channel 4

Damien’s new comedy sitcom concludes tonight with the final episode of the series.

We’ve been treated to a cleverly crafted situation comedy from the beginning and have just begun to get to know this bunch of wonderful, wacky characters, crashing together as property guardians.

The series has woven their lives together in ways that have entertained and engaged, and it coming to an end is bittersweet – we don’t want to say goodbye, but do want to know how it all finally unravels, especially for Anthony and his fiancée Kate (Louise Ford), whose lives have become increasingly tangled and chaotic since the arrival of Anthony’s childhood friend Lulu (Phoebe Waller-Bridge).

Across the series this ‘love triangle’ has displayed a compelling fraught and funny mix of denial and confusion. There have been mock declarations of love and drunken confessions of pretending to be in love, joke kisses, awkward chats, moments of compatibility and issues of incompatibility, insecurities and reassurances, contradictions and complications.

Will the tension between the trio break at the end of the series?

Crashing Episode 6
The new Channel 4 clip (below) reveals an important conversation between Lulu and Anthony.. but can this really be the end, for them?

Another new clip (below) sees Jessica (Susan Wokoma) offering advice to Kate and Fred (Amit Shah) who are drowning their sorrows after the events of last week. Troubled Kate is hiding away from Anthony.. but can their relationship survive in the end?

crashing episode 6 clip


We don’t want it to end, but cannot wait to see how it does and will be tuning in tonight.


Crashing is produced by Big Talk Productions and the series finale airs 10 pm Monday 15 February on Channel 4.


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