‘5 things even Ian McKellen doesn’t know’ written by Damien Molony & NO MAN’S LAND NT Live Encore screenings worldwide

No Man's Land

Damien can be seen on the big screen worldwide in No Man’s Land encore screenings now, and has written about his three times NT Live experience.

Following an award-winning, record-breaking five month run and a live broadcast 15 December 2016, the play is being screened again in cinema venues internationally.

Damien joined a cast of three master actors Sir Ian McKellen, Sir Patrick Stewart and Owen Teale for the production, but he is the most experienced when it comes to NT Live performances.

With three live broadcasts under his belt – Travelling Light in 2012, Tom Stoppard play The Hard Problem in 2015 and now No Man’s Land – our fave actor has shared his wisdoms in a piece written for Vue cinemas.

In the excerpt below, he offers five important bits of advice to his fellow actors.



1. The previous night we’ll have performed in front of 800 people. On 15th December, we will perform to more than 100 times that number, and even more via NT Live Encore screenings. That’s the equivalent of playing to nearly five times the capacity of the Hollywood Bowl. Or more than 13 times the capacity of Sydney Opera House.


2. But once the show has started, the audience in the theatre is what we need to pay attention to. This is a live broadcast of a play, not a film of the play. If the audience in the theatre is laughing, then audiences in cinemas around the world are laughing too.


3. The NT Live Sound team can hide that microphone pack anywhere, and I mean anywhere. The microphone itself might be hidden in your hairline or inside your collar, but I’ve often had the battery pack (about the size of matchbox) lodged securely in my flesh-toned briefs.


4. Remember that your microphone is always on. When you come off-stage for a few moments and fancy a quick toilet break, make sure the microphone is switched off. Don’t ask how I learned this pearl of wisdom.


5. We will hopefully receive standing ovations all over the world, all at the same time. And then, when you’re in the bath and least expect it, a standing ovation might be taking place at an Encore screening in 2017.


It is a special treat to read something written by Damien himself and to see him claim his place as a ‘NT Live veteran’. But the above is a mere taster of his full piece, read the whole wonderful thing at the link below.


There are No Man’s Land NT Live encore screenings in UK and select international venues throughout January. Don’t miss out! For more info and tickets, visit the NT Live Website.


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